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What On Earth Is Kabbalah?

Everything is about a relationship. Everything is God as God created all and is in all. We are in a relationship with God, even if we completely deny that we are. Humanity is not supreme because God is. Until we understand that there is order to this world, we will never have it. For now, in God’s sovereign love, we have free will and will need to choose to love God to return to the order that is already in place.

For by Him all things were created that are in heaven and that are on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or principalities or powers. All things were created through Him and for Him.

Colossians 1:16

The Relationship

All things are created in an image. In the image is God. The purpose of humanity is for the human being to understand that he is the image of God. It is not an easy thing to understand. To understand God, we had to start off as children. We are all learning like children. The parents have rules but in our attempt to find our own identity and independence, we break the rules.

A parent does not always agree with the child’s choices as he grows into a man but good parents stand by the child and try to protect the child as best as they can while they are learning.

We cannot be too hard on any of ourselves because we all made mistakes. We must understand that God is ONE and one in all of ourselves. We are all brothers and sisters. We must learn compassion and forgiveness.

Growing Up

As we mature, we are now ready to become parents ourselves. We find a partner in this game we called life. It is all a reflection of our relationship to Him our Creator. We are here to learn the depth of Him and we learn it through the experience of life.

But life really began for us all in that perfect garden. That was when the light was split into two, both masculine and feminine. They are both different in their identity but fit together as one. The split caused them to become darkness as the masculine could not see the feminine and the feminine could not see the masculine. We failed to understand how we both see the same thing differently.

Until we recognize one another in love and respect, we will not understand the relationship with have with the other to uncover the order that is already here.

Kabbalah Love

We all see things from our perspectives. We all are on our own learning journeys back to the self. The self is the image of God – He is Adam. We are trying to understand the balance of masculine and feminine energy because when balanced it is one with everything who is God. When we become balanced within the self it is because we have become like Him, the masculine energy, which is unconditional love — the balance of masculine and feminine energy.

The Tree of Life – ADAM

The names of the ten Sefirot are:

  • Chochmah – wisdom,
  • Binah – understanding,
  • Daat – knowledge,
  • Chessed – kindness,
  • Gevurah – strength,
  • Tiferet – beauty,
  • Netzach – victory,
  • Hod – splendor,
  • Yesod – foundation,
  • and Malchut – kingship.

For more information see here.

The self has aspects of both masculine and feminine, the right and left sides of the tree. When we become one heart, we respectfully considerate both sides equally and recognize the complement that we are together.

The way I personally identify with Kabbalah is that we all have our own identity. We all are in a fight to express our independence freely. We do not want to be oppressed by the other. Religion and spirituality have been in a fight since the beginning of time. Religion has oppressed spirituality but today we are free from the box that religion had us in. But too much spirituality and no religion is also not good either because today we see we have chaos by not recognizing the good that religion tried to teach us. We are also confused because we do not want to give up our religions that have helped shape our identities. We are trying to keep our identity and do not know how to get along with other religious ideas.

Who is Messiah?

Messiah is the spirit of Adam. He is us who have loved God, our Husband. We have been given a marriage contract from our Creator, which came from the spirit of all of us. Our love for Him takes us from our child to an adult to wanting to find our own partner who is like Him, our love, who is in our image. Our love for the other creates our love, which is the light of God — the revelation that love exists between two human people.

The first man Adam became a living being. The last Adam became a life-giving spirit.

1 Corinthians 15:45

From one Adam to a diverse population of Eves, the Tree of Knowledge of good and evil, became all of our own creative unique ways of seeing God; today has an opportunity to return back to the whole self by understanding our feminine energy in how it complements the other by becoming unconditional love, becoming like the ONE man. We choose everlasting life by loving Him.

Kabbalah is from the Jew who is the spirit of God who is the key to understanding ourselves. We are challenged to see our reflection in our image, the woman when we are the man (physicality). The feminine energy is the Shekhinah presence or dwelling place of God. The Spirit of God dwells in her (humanity/physicality).

All of humanity who loves Him becomes her, His Bride, and births Him who is the self, the light of God, the revelation of us out of our darkness.

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