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I Choose Him

I am you and you are me. Humanity is the woman who is in the man who is the image of God. God is first, and when we make Him first, everything else aligns. Humanity, masculine and feminine energy, in our physicality is the image of God. The man is in the woman and the woman is in the man. They are ONE. Oneness is one with Him. Oneness is the self. Oneness is masculine. Oneness is all of us, humanity who is feminine, in Adam.

We all believe in Him, the ONE.

Believing in the one is Messiah who is birthed in our understanding, our ONE brain, who brings us all back to the self, our home, and our place with God.

The Sins of the Father

I heard a message recently from Rabbi Yisroel Goldstein called Are We All Sinners?. Rabbi Goldstein explains that no child is a sinner because a child is learning and does not know any better. God brings His perfect creation into this world, flawless. It is the parents who have the responsibility of raising the child in the reflection of Him. When the child sins, these sins go onto the parents. They are accountable for the child’s actions. But when the child grows up, the child is accountable for his own actions.

We are all like children, learning. As long as we are aware of our mistakes and want to improve ourselves, there is no sin. God forgives us for our sins.

But if we have no fear of God, no consideration of how our actions affect all of us; we are living in sin. Our sin creates a disconnect from our Creator. This is when we cannot see Him. When we do not believe in God, we are not living. We are not living for Him.

We are accountable for all of our sins that added to the darkness that we created.

Humanity is one.

Whether we are aware of it or not, all our actions are affecting one another. That is when this world we live in begins to look very small. There is no place that we can hide from the negative actions done independently of God by us. We all end up being affected negatively by our own selfish behaviour.

Whether we are spiritual or not, we are seeing that humanity will not survive much longer if we plan on going down this same road.

The Proof is in the Pudding

Humanity is created in the image of God, but God’s greatness is magnificent and for humanity to identify with God’s greatness, it will take a great journey for us to understand Him.

God created us, perfect and whole. It is necessary for us all to go through our darkness to be able to see His light. We need darkness to reveal Him. The light of God has always been with us, since birth, but our darkness has told us that He isn’t there.

The light of God is in all of us and is ONE. What is ONE is one, meaning it is speaking to that light that is in all of us the same — we are ONE soul. The more we are aware of our light, the more others will be too. Our faith is our power because we really only need to work on our own correction to create oneness in the world.

The other is always there to challenge us. The other is our “helper.” The other is there to create an opposite force that creates a mirror image. The other can challenge us positively or negatively. We as individuals choose how to react to every thought and situation. We become the in-between. We become like God, His image, to realize we are standing with Him in every situation to choose how to react the best way to it.

In the past, we became judges of the other as we critically scrutinized the behaviour that was theirs. However, today, we should realize that we are all sinners, so who am I to judge you? Who am I to say that I am any better? Therefore, we should learn to only judge correctly for ourselves. We should see the other with thankfulness because the other is there to provide the correction in ourselves so that we can become stronger in Him. It then makes sense to see the other with love, compassion, and understanding in every single situation.

When we have found our place with God, we are home, so we have found the self — We realize that we are never alone. God is orchestrating situations for us so that we will always find Him.

He is what is above, what is below, what was before, and what will be afterwards. The centre of the cross is Him. He is ONE in all of us; our history, our future knowing that we are perfect, complete with Him, and our birth who is Him who already came physically.

And so it is written, “The first man Adam became a living being. The last Adam became a life-giving spirit.”

1 Corinthians 15:45

We all are on the road to oneness. We all are at a crossroads. We all get to choose what path we want to take…

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