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The Elephant In The Room

The world seems to be getting wind of the new movement that is happening. It is fast and it is fierce. I am an observer. All this time, we have been relying on our religions to save us, to cause order, and to connect us to one another. We believed in a Savior — He’ll come down from Heaven, throwing holy sparkles of love into the air and all around Him as He swiftly races down to Earth, rescuing only the ones who did everything they were told, so perfectly — the rest can go to Hell.

Maybe Not…

We are now seeing that God is not who we thought. We all are crazily spewing our own personal truths all over the internet. Whoever you are, you are free to speak your mind, your heart, and your truth. We used to get murdered for it. Now, we all have a platform. We all have a Youtube channel. There is no end to what is good or what is bad because everything is all mixed up. For some, what we say is good, and yet others say it’s bad. We all have our own opinions and that’s all that matters. We all are free to choose whatever we want to be our truth.

I am observing a world that is bipolar.

The chaos of it all stands out with a familiar ring. How are you coping?

We are extreme because God is extreme. But where is God in all the chaos?

This War is Spiritual

By the way, what happened to Jesus? Every walk of life is now in agreeance. We agree that there is something going on around here that never happened to us before. All the signs are pointing to say Messiah is near…. But who is He and where is He? And how come no one wants to mention His name?

The “J” word is such a faux pas, but why? Why is it so hard to talk about Jesus or the Jews?

Everyone has their own story. For me, this is mine. I just wanted to know who God is. I wanted to know God without being told who He is, in a direct, oppressive way, such as, “I must do or say this and then I will be accepted by Him and into the Kingdom of Heaven.” Even if what I’m told doesn’t resonate, I have to make it feel right, otherwise, I have become a problem — I have become a rebel.

We all rebelled against our oppressors. So much rebellion has now become one great, big revolt. It is becoming too obvious that we are only rebelling against ourselves. We’ve said enough with religion, and because of it, we have lost sight of God, our truth, by throwing the baby out with the dirty bath water.

When things are bad, we can learn from it. We all can learn that a bad experience has good truth hidden in it. Many of us, have been rebels most of our lives and our rebellion took us down a hard life. We didn’t want to be told not to do this or that, so we did it our way instead — that is how we learned what isn’t good.

We are learning constantly from our image and we are not afraid of it. We know that God is revealed in an image. The image of God we ultimately want to become is what is good.

So, what is good? Is religion all bad? Does it mean that we completely disconnect from the root of ourselves and ignore how we all got to this spiritual place?

Heck, No!

Because that is how we can get trapped into oppressing ourselves again…

The duality must become balanced.

Today, we have extremes in religions that vary from the ultra religious to the ultra spiritual. Both are complete opposites, mirror images, that don’t want anything to do with the other. We remained back to back, contained in our boxes all this time. We have not seen each other or even tried to understand the other to discover that we are not separate. We failed to ask how one can possibly complement the other.

We are like a man and a woman. But we have to understand the man, the image of God, and the woman who comes out of Him. What is the difference between the man and the woman and why is there a difference? We are one. No one is better than the other. We have already proved that we can become one another. Yet we are still butting heads. How do we learn to see each other? How do we learn to complement one another?

Know Thyself First

There is much work to be done to find peace within the self. The self is your box. Mine is female.

When you know who you are, you have done your work. God made us creative and the depth of who we are is never-ending beauty. I am a female who loves the man.

We all choose our man. My man is the image of God. He is a Jew.

This story is my truth and how I make sense of this place.

I am not Jewish but have always loved and believed in the Jew. When I was completely lost in myself, the Jew became my light. When I was a mess of confusion, my confusion was not knowing who I am. Not knowing who you are is hell. I was in hell. I wanted to die. I needed something perfect to understand so I could have purpose and hope. I hoped to find something good. I did not trust myself. I wanted to trust God. I chose to believe in the Jew.

I didn’t know Him as much as I didn’t know myself. So, what did I have to lose?

I was in complete darkness.

We learned together.

That was my starting place…

We are here bringing peace to ourselves. We want it and we work hard for it. We desire to be one with Him. When we are in harmony with who we are, we can create harmony within our environment. I am a female, nonjew. I am learning the depth of who I am as I see myself in my image. I am a female learning who the man is. The perfect man, the image of God, is who I compare myself to.

We learn from our opposite but all opposition is learning at the same time. If we understand how to create harmony in ourselves, we will understand how our energy works in the world.

We are harmonizing good and bad, light and dark, religion and spirituality, man and woman, Jew and nonjew by learning to recognize the opposition, to not be afraid of it, and to make an effort to find the good in it all.

When we have found the complement to our image from our perspective, we have found the man or the image of God.

We are a helper.

I am a spiritualist. I don’t like rules or structure. I only want to be free to express creatively from my perspective and from my truth. I want to be free to be me. I want to be honest and truthful about who I am instead of conforming to how the world wants me to see it or say it.

I am in a relationship with the light, with religion, with the man, with the Jew who is my opposite self.

I am an observer. I am watching us becoming one.

The image of God is ONE. He is in all of us the same, speaking to all of us the same. He is the spark of light in ourselves that we learn to trust. He is the light of love that complements all of us and is considerate of every single voice that has something to say. There is not one being that God does not love. He is our ONE soul that is in each of us, our truth, who has been here since the very beginning and will be here forever.

When we see ourselves in the other, our oppositie, we identify with our larger self — the whole. We identify with ourselves in everyone. Everyone is in everyone — understanding you helps me understand a piece of myself that I never knew.

Yet, my life is different.

My path might be different, but in the end, we all are on the same path to the Great Divine, Heaven here on Earth, in us and all around us, as we see Him become realized in our image and, so, in ourselves.

— The ONE is born.

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