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Who is Better, the Man or the Woman?

You and I have been on this journey since, oh, the Garden of Eden. Way back when we thought everything was so perfect and easy. There was just you and me. We had no distractions. Playful innocence is all we knew. We were only children… How great would it be to go back to then?

Now we Know

We are learning what He tried to tell us. Remember?: “But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat, for in the day that you eat of it you shall surely die.” Genesis 2:17

Stay away from EVE and don’t you dare take her fruit!!

Death does not exist with Him. He knew if we did things on our own, this current world would happen. Just look at us! We have completely lost our identity! In our ignorance, we are dying! We could go extinct if we don’t wake up and pay attention soon.

Unbeknownst to us, He gave us the answer to all our problems in His next set of words. “It is not good that man should be alone; I will make him a helper comparable to him.” Genesis 2:18

The Tree of Knowlege

God reveals Himself in an image. Humanity is in His image. But just look at humanity; how could we possibly be the image of God? We are completely lost and have created chaos, disorder, and destruction in the meantime.

The tree of knowledge of good and evil is God. God is all-knowing. He knows. God cannot do evil because God is also life. God is also the Tree of Life. God is both!

Humanity is only a physical garment that contains the spirit of God — That is all we are! Everything is God. We are spectators here to experience His divineness and marvel at His glory!!

Adam is represented as the Tree of Life. Eve is represented as the Tree of Knowledge of good and evil. Adam and Eve just wanted to be one!! They wanted to be one because this is who we are. But the seventh day was not here yet. The seventh day is the completion of humanity to God as ONE.

With only a few hours to go, in their naivety, they chose to become one physically first and, so created their first child called sin.

So here we are, like children, and still not really knowing any better…

Masculine is dominant. Adam is now like her. Sin created a switch. He is now like the tree of knowledge of good and evil. She is now like Adam, the Tree of Life. They are both one, but until we know evil we cannot choose life, which is the feminine part of humanity that loves God — She is in Him. She is the good part of humanity that loves God from a whole, submissive, trusting heart.

All of humanity is here to return back to Him — Humanity is feminine.

Created in an Image

God creates the man and the woman (who are both feminine energy) in the image of God and to themselves are the image of God. We all are trying to understand who we are in His image. We can be defined as male and female, Jew and nonjew. We all have been trying to understand our masculine (God/brain).

Within each of us is the left and right side of the brain. We have been developing our brain since birth, since the beginning, but it is said that we only use 10% of our brain. Does this mean that the remaining 90% is hidden?

How could our brain (knowledge) be hidden?

First, we develop an individual identity. I am a female, nonjew. The more I understand who I am from this perspective, in the most healthy light that I can possibly understand (an ongoing life process of intensive cognitive therapy btw), the more I can compare myself to the male, Jew as I try to relate to him from the most healthy light in how I think they would see things from their perspectives.

We are both completely different, yet, we both have been on the exact same journey to understanding the Jew who we both believe is a whole, perfect balance of masculine and feminine energy that complements one another.

You are the male Jew and I am the female nonjew who loves the Jew. We both are our own identity.

Yet, we are an image to each other. Your perspective is completely different to mine. Your left is my right and my right is your left.

We each are like the left and right side of a brain in our individuality and then to one another.

As I learn more about the Jew I am actually learning more about myself. I am becoming more whole as I go out of myself to connect to healthy, harmonious, paths that go up and down to what complements them from right to left.

The feminine is a receiver always receiving from the masculine, which is hard to understand because the masculine is ONE. The masculine is actually a oneness of a perfect balance of masculine and feminine, coming solely from Him who is who we both love.

He is our love

We are only the container that allows Him to flow freely through us and to each other to connect us all back together again as one.

To each other, we are finally becoming one, but not physically. In our physicality, we are who we are — We are becoming one spiritually. We are beginning to understand how to work with one another as we are beginning to see how we each are a “helper” that is here to help the other know who they really are in His image.

We are the image of God — we are becoming like Him.

We are the knowledge of good and evil that is becoming better and better every day by choosing to love Him.

That is when we become life because we are able to give life to one another.

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