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I Will Find You…

We all are on a journey to the self. We have been on this journey since the beginning of time — exiled from our lover, our Adam; we all are trying to find our way back to Him. He is life as He gives life. He is whole and He is perfect. He is home.

We are like the tree of knowledge of good and evil. We came here because we wanted to know. Unless we know evil, we can never know what is good. This is the journey to the self. It is learning who He is. He is good.

We learn by having an image that is our opposite. Our opposite challenges the self to grow into a deeper understanding of Him. It is like we have a wall in front of us; we can learn by bouncing a ball off of it.

Humanity is feminine. She has choice. She can choose life by living with Him in every thought, action, and deed. Wholeness is perfect, it is now; therefore, there is no time. She is with Him. She is in Him. He is in her. The masculine and feminine are ONE. Their energy is harmoniously exchanged in rhythm and in a perfect complement to the whole self.

He is what she seeks on the outside and He is who she becomes on the inside. When the two become balanced, we are home. We are free from the oppression of the self that does not know.

When goodness is seen outside; it is because it is what is inside — we are connected as one. Every interaction with physicality is in the image of Him. How we react to Him, reveals Him.

Who is He?

He is you to me. He is in my image. The challenge is to see the majesty of God’s goodness in everything all around us. Every interaction is not by chance, but has been divinely orchestrated by Him as He is calling out to you. He wants you to see Him. He wants you to love Him. He wants to become ONE with her who is us (humanity).

Two Become One

There are two energies. One gives love and the other receives it. They are extreme opposites.

We have to remember that we are His. He is our natural design and order. Humanity has the choice to become His because we have free will. God does not force us to love Him. Instead, He wants us to freely come to Him because we desire to be in love with Him. God is romantic.

He is the greatest lover.

Our narcissistic nature is our child. It is the ego. The child is selfish and does not know any better. The child does not consider the other because the child is dependent on the other for safety and instruction. The child needs to be told by the parent what the rules are and what the consequences are for breaking them. Rules keep the child safe. The child is kept safe in the security of the parental home.

When we grow up, we become lovers. We learn how to get out of the self by loving the other. We understand consequence and how our selfish actions can negatively affect the other. We are ready to become a parent ourselves.

Humanity is the feminine who is on the journey to becoming His Bride — from child to spouse. But all of our learning is happening to all of us the same as there is no time with God. He is revealing Himself to all of us at the same time.

The idea has always been that we are the parent and are here to instruct the other, but to each other, we are always like the child who is always learning. There is never-ending learning to be understood. We are never truly “grown-up” because we can never be Him. Instead, we see Him in the other, our opposite, and together we reveal Him.

He is the product of our love and respect for one another.

The problem has been that religion and disciplines like science have kept us in a box; a parental box that keeps the child safe from the “bad” outside world. But when we know who we are, we are grounded with Him, so it is safe to venture out of that box. When we are grounded in our love we seek to bounce the ball off of the wall of the other.

That is when we are ready to find our lover — We are looking for Him in the other.

We are looking to identify with who we are by seeing Him in our reflection. We are trying to catch the ball and bounce it back again. We are learning how to play the game.

It is healthy to be grounded in who you are first to develop a healthy relationship with the other. Our reaction to each other reveals how grounded we are with Him.

No one can take away our love. We cannot lose our love who we are trying to find. He is in all of us the same.

The problem is humanity places people on pedestals and worships their image but God is in all of us the same. He is in the best of the best and the worst of the worst. There is only goodness. There is only order. He is dominant. Masculine is the giver of unconditional love. God is love.

When we stop believing in evil, it will die. Evil is here because we believe in it, instead of seeing His goodness — try hard to see the good in everything.

When we react to our environment in love and respect, we are like Him. Our energy becomes masculine.

Masculine is not controlling, manipulative, or oppressive — those qualities are coming from the child self who is not grounded in Him. Our challenge is to allow the other to choose to give His love back — it is their choice.

Therefore, it is necessary to create healthy boundaries. We are not married to people unless we are married to Him. Marriage is our oneness that is ONE with Him and, so, becomes one in one another. Oneness is one mind that is all-knowing because it is in harmony with the self, which is one heart.

We have not understood our identity because when we know who we are, we can understand who we are in relation to the other. Jews and nonjews have always remained separate but God is ONE. Our energy that is one with Him becomes one in one another. Our oneness with Him is becoming one mind.

We are not here to correct the other. We are here to correct our own selves by reacting to the other in love by being grounded in our love for Him, yet, with love and respect for the other who is also on the journey to Him who is completely opposite from ourselves.

Oneness energy is masculine and feminine, Jew and nonjew, man and woman. When we are balanced within the self, He becomes revealed to us in the other.

We should eventually come to a place where we do not have to say anything to our other because we just know that we both know. We know who we are in relatonship to the other and the game that we are playing called being in love.

We know we are almost there and we know we will succeed because He was born. When we know He is born in our individual understanding; the complete revelation of us is revealed in our physicality.

That is when we all know.

Then, on that day when a certain man had come,
All that God said was revealed and done.
On the first, until the last day was a lamb,
Who lived with them until his time was at hand.
He and his disciples; here in our house,
Keeping Passover amid the chaos,
With the unleavened bread, he had in his hand,
Stating; "Eat, my body," for all along it's been planned...
Taking the wine; giving thanks when he said,
"Drink, my blood" a pass-over of sin I must shed.
In you is God's covenant born new from the Lord!
This is your beginning of months that is now restored.
Therefore purge out the old leaven from your entire being,
And understand that your new-life is what is worth seeing!
For indeed, Messiah has risen for the dead!
Filling us with water and His Word, our daily bread!
This lamb was sacrificed, so let us keep the feast every day,
Not with old leaven or with the leaven of sin that keeps us astray,
But with the unleavened bread of sincerity,
It's truth that surpasses all clarity.

See original full poem here. ~ Happy Passover!

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