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Who’s the Man?

All this talk about gender — it’s so confusing these days. Is the woman the man or is the man the woman? The world is supposed to be heaven on earth but we are so divided in our thinking, how will we ever become one?

God is in Control

We all have free choice. The woman is humanity. The reason I know this is because I believe in God. I completely lost myself once, so I also know what it is like to be so confused — I wanted to be dead. Not knowing who you are is like being an empty shell of a person just robotically going through the motions of life.

We rely on the other to tell us who we are. This is why the whole world is upside down. We have been relying on the other to tell us who we are and the other doesn’t know either. We have been trusting ourselves instead of God.

We all are free to choose. Choice is feminine. She is like the tree of knowledge of good and evil. There were two trees in that garden; the other was the man. He is the tree of life. But that man was the image of God… but so was the woman. The woman is a part of the man. Together they represent a whole. They are a complement to one another and help each other understand their purpose.

We are Becoming

We are learning who we are. We are all free to be whoever we want to be. You are a man but you want to be a woman? We all have masculine and feminine within the self. We all have a brain and a heart. Both have an identity. Both have a function. Both work in tandem with one another. Suppressing one or the other puts one out of balance with the self.

I see why you want to be more feminine or perhaps more masculine, but know who you are in your physicality. Who we are in our physicality is our challenge. We must embrace who God made us to be to understand who we are and what our purpose is.

We were born to be free.

Being free is knowing the self. When you know who you are, no one can tell you differently. You will know your truth and be able to live it out purposefully. You can just be. You can be just as who you are without trying to be somebody else.

If you are born a man but want to be a woman physically, then this is confusing to me. It is confusing because I know that you are a man, but you want to be identified as a woman. The expectation then is that I lie to myself. Do you see? Now, you are confusing me.

I believe you are lying to yourself and now you want me to accept that lie. That is what the world is having a problem with regarding all these gender identity issues — it really does affect the other’s free choice.

So, now we are at a crossroad but who is right?

We both are.

I believe you can be however you want to be, but please let me be true to what I believe.

I believe God wants us to all know ourselves and to embrace who we are fully. Then both masculine and feminine can be in harmony with itself.

We have all been hurt by our own selves by rejecting our God given challenge. The more we rebel against the self, the more confusing it is for all of us. As long as you allow me to be free to me and I allow you to to be free to be you in respect and love then we can coexist. We all are in different places in how we identify with ourselves because we all are trying to figure out who we are — we are becoming.

God is design. He is order. We need to embrace who God made us to be. I am a female, nonjew. God reveals Himself in an image. I am in love with the male, Jew. We all have a specific identity that is unique to us all. We all can become one another spiritually as spirituality is ONE, but we need to embrace who we are in our physicality. Then the self will become in harmony with itself and one another. When we go against God we are lying to even ourselves as we try to convince ourselves of what “feels” right, but we cannot change the design of God.

We are created to be who God made us to be.

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