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The Mouth of the River

We have been trying to tell ourselves the secret to who we are since the beginning of time. There is so much to who God is, so how were we supposed to know so simply? All of it, though, is now coming together. I am convinced that this A.I. world we created is just here to reveal the truth about who we really are. Seriously, in our physicality, just look at what we created. Truly, it all is remarkable. The extreme of all the good things we have done compared to the bad is incredible. The intelligence of underground organized crime is mind-boggling.

The Tree

We were meant to know. It is our curse and our blessing. We had to know good and bad and both our extremes of one another. More and more we will see the world of duality that we created. The good that we do will become more and more obvious. This is where we are currently at. We are now at a fork in the road and we can learn to make better choices.

Religion is our heritage. In psychology, the way to healing is learning to understand who we are without the trauma or what affected us negatively. We need to make a journey back to the self. Religion and all the disciplines like science have been trying to do the same thing. It is our brain. We are just trying to know who we are. We are trying to know what we are doing here.

God is not defined so simply because God is all and in all things. God is physicality and spirituality. God is a balance of both. What we have not understood is our spirituality. We have not understood how to make two extreme opposites work together in tandem to become a “helper” to one another. The world of duality is confusing, chaotic, and destructive. We cannot be against the self, so we have to learn to become one to be in harmony with it.

God is energy. Energy can be both positive and negative. Energy is both giving and receiving. It is masculine and feminine. The world is both light and darkness. It can also be defined as Jew and nonjew. These are the attributes of the self that we all contain within each of our individualities.

More and more, the world rejects the idea of duality because it is in our desire to become one. But before we become one, we have to understand what the ONE is. One is the harmony of two.

 And the Lord God said, “It is not good that man should be alone; I will make him a helper comparable to him.”

Genesis 2:18

One is alone. It is two that makes one complete. It is the other that we should learn to appreciate because the other is our reason and our purpose. The other is our wheel that keeps us learning and growing into a better understanding of the self, of who we truly are, and of who we are created to be in the image of God.

The Man and The Woman

God is defined as being masculine because masculine is dominant. The feminine is in submission to the masculine. The feminine receives and the masculine gives. Feminine is free to choose. Feminine is duality. Feminine is humanity. Feminine is physicality. Feminine does not know, so is in darkness and is always learning through making choices with the masculine.

Masculine is the light of God that is good. Masculine is one and is in harmony with all of humanity and nature. Masculine is never-ending giving of unconditional acceptance and love.

The feminine is free to choose to receive the masculine.

There is masculine and feminine within every human being. We are both brain and heart. The brain is masculine and the heart is feminine. When we learn who God is we are learning who we all are. God is all, so the self is the individual and the other is the world. God is always revealed in an image. The self is masculine (the image of God) and the world is feminine (humanity).

The image of God is the Jew who is masculine. We know because of our history and our religion and because of our faith that has revealed this to us through our love for Him.

Our love for God has created a history that has been recorded by all of us, both Jews and nonjews.

The relationship with God is like a marriage and when we learn that God is love, we will understand that the self is love and here to love the other. We are in a love relationship with God and are here to experience His love by being in love with one another.

Our love births His light who came already physically. He was misunderstood by all of us because the idea of Him is too big for us to learn so simply.

We are like children and are at odds with the self until we learn our oneness with Him. Until we become one will we understand the ONE. We cannot worship an image. And although we worship God, we must worship God in all of us. This was the message of Messiah. He allowed His body to be sacrificed because this is a reflection of the lambs that would be sacrificed so that God would pass over us and we would be freed from our curse of oppression or slavery of our physicality (Egypt).

We are here to understand that it is not physicality that we are bound to. Worshiping a physical image keeps us contained in one. We must seek to come out of our physicality, our box, our image, to see God in our image, in the other. We are here to understand that the spirit of God is in every single one of us. We must believe in the good and start seeing the good in one another.

No one was born to be evil. Humanity created evil — not God.

Leaven is the bread that is not eaten during Passover time. It is because leaven represents the ego. Leaven puffs up the bread — we need to learn to suppress the ego. The ego is love of the self only with no consideration for the other. Ego does not believe in God’s goodness in the other but thinks it is god. Ego does not see our oneness. Ego blinds the self.

Our traditions in our religions are there to help us remember who we are and how we have grown. They are there to remind us not to revert back to our old ways. It isn’t the tradition that changes us. Being bound to a work without applying it to our lives becomes oppressive. We become a slave to the work instead. A more mature way of understanding tradition is by applying the meaning to our actions in our daily lives.

We are always in a fight with our ego but loving the other will always set us free.

When we learn to see that the truth is that there is really no good or bad, male or female, jew or nonjew; we will see that we have found the harmony between the two.

We have found the ONE and understand that we are oneness and here to help the other become more one with the ONE who is the light of God we create through our love.

We bring Him here. We bring heaven here on earth.

We are here to experience being in love.

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