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Beauty and the Beast

We are all upset. We know the conspiracy. We feel that there is no one that we can trust. Everyone is taking advantage of everyone else just to get ahead. Fend for yourself!! Tough luck for whoever gets in the way!!

This is the mentality of today. This is the unique time we are in — We all can see!!!

There is nothing that is hidden anymore. Her veil is lifted!! Now, we all see her face! The fire of the woman who has been oppressed by the beast since the beginning of time has had enough!! All this time, she has not sat still. All this time she has been quietly becoming… All this time she has been becoming Him!

Now She Knows

What does she know? She knows the difference between good and evil. It is now just plain common sense! We don’t need a degree or a this or that. We just need to be humane and start treating each other with love and respect.

Now we know. We are not bad. We were not born to be bad, no, no. We are born to be good and good we are going to become.

We are becoming.

We didn’t know any better. We cannot be too hard on ourselves. We all are just here, basically stuck in a bottle. We don’t really know what we are doing. We are just trying to survive the best way we know how to.

Two Sides of the Coin

The new thing is that we are learning the power of our oneness. God is our strength. Oneness is one. It is one heart that loves Him and one mind that speaks to each other on a quantum level. When my intention is with Him with you it is ONE and vice virsa. We have to start trusting in Him. He is the one that is in control. As long as we do with Him, in all of our actions, we will overcome the chaos of our own individual selves that is on a mission to destroy us.

All of our actions that have been done without Him, without His love, without His love for the other have affected each other in a negative way.

We have created a BEAST!

And all of our anger at it and ourselves is not solving a single thing, either. It is only making the beast stronger.

We each have a hand in creating it. There is no one out there that did not help create it, so now we just have to admit that we did. Now we just have to figure out how we are going to stop it from really taking us down.

The Program

The program is corrupt and has a deadly virus. The program has infected each and every one of us the same. It is such a good virus that it also runs secretly behind the scenes — you don’t even realize that it is there. The only way to have an upper hand on it is by having a constant awareness that you know it is there just waiting — it is waiting for you to not trust God and then POW! it’s in and will now start corrupting the rest of your files. It is necessary to reprogram yourself by accepting the truth and admitting your lies. Not until all the lies are exposed and corrected will you be free from having the virus wait at your door for an invitation to come on in.

We don’t want to admit our mistakes. It must be one of the hardest things for a human to do. There is a lot of shame in that and the ego does not like being exposed. But releasing bad programming is the only way to correct the corrupt files to then become new and a part of His oneness. You can no longer trick your way to the top. The ones who try to be successful this way, in God’s world, only end up even further at the bottom with an even harder time getting back up.

We all are going through rehab, and there will be nobody left behind, so we are free to choose when we want to stop the facade — Your defiance is obvious to the collective.

The Government

Do not be angry at the systems we created. They are all overwhelmed with the chaos of old programming. The virus has completely corrupted the system. Those who do not admit it are there allowing it to run wild. Let what others are doing go. Protect yourself by not being a part of it.

The Beast

The beast is the part of humanity that did not know — for that, we have created a monster. The monster seems to be running the show, but know that it is not!! The monster has created an awareness of Him!! Ha ha!! Trust God, my friend, because this is the time that you will find that you now have to.

God is only good. God is the good in all of ourselves that we create together. We are the doers. We did bad, so now is our chance to correct our mistakes and start doing good.

The more reliant we are on the beast, the harder it will be for us to defeat it. We will have to start sustaining for ourselves. We must start taking care of our bodies by learning to do things like we used to do. We need to start eating healthier, making meals from scratch, and enjoying them with our families. We must start gardening and growing our own food free from chemicals. We must start living simpler lives. We must stop living by the old program and start living for integrity, ethics, morals, and respect for one another, our environment, and all the living creatures that also deserve to have a place in it.

Believe in our power!!

The power of Him is with us and in us!

One for all and all for ONE!!

We are the warriors, who learned to love the pain,
We come from different places but have the same name,
'Cause we were born for this!

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