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This Is A Revolution

So here we are, you and I, and it is beginning to make sense. Actually, more and more, we are becoming confident. Confidence is our strength. The world has dismissed us for so long that we have forgotten ourselves. We have forgotten who we really are. How could we possibly forget?

The Journey

We never are because we are always becoming. We get to the top and then we see there is another mountain to climb. This is the way it has always been. In the beginning, things were so hard. Trying to climb that mountain and not even knowing anything about climbing mountains — We just started climbing them. But now, look, we are beginning to see what is on the other side. We are beginning to see the fruit of all our hard work in getting here. We can look back now at how far we came and actually see the bottom, all the way down there, all the way from where we first started. We breathe in the air and sigh a relief of contentment. We did it! We are actually here!! We are where we thought we could never be, where they said we would never go, where they said we were never good enough to ever be…

This is the journey and here is where it begins to become good.

We are becoming. We are never-ever Him. We are becoming like Him. He is our love and because of our love, we were able to achieve the impossible. Despite the constant barrage of nitty-picking from the world constantly at our back, clinging onto our feet, weighing us down, we saw past them — and steadfast we were. We believed! We continued to believe in Him even though the world didn’t.

Now the world knows they will never-ever be able to take our love away.

We are here and here to stay to say that His love is the only love and it is real, my sorry friend. He is not you and He is not me, but He is us because He is in both of us exactly the same.

The merging of two worlds has begun and we all can feel it. Depending on which world you reside in results in two completely different feelings.

The Flip of a Switch

We all are here to transform our darkness into light. This is what we do, and we do not do it to anybody but to ourselves. The more we flip our own switch of thinking, the more the revelation of who we really are becomes clear. The program has been running against our divine nature, which is not in the reflection of our Creator. We have been running a program that has been designed by us — humanity! The ego has been running the show and continues to do so until we consciously choose to recognize that it is.

Without our constant reminders to ourselves that we are not in control, we will never stop trying to control things to be in our (humanity/ego) reflection.

Every single interaction with every single choice has to be done with a constant awareness of our divine connection to Him. Failing to do so means you have opened the door to the satan to come wandering right on in. Recognizing the ego is a seemingly impossible task, at first, and one will get very frustrated. So one must always surround himself with as much positive reinforcement, meditation, prayer, and study as possible. You really have to become obsessed with trying to figure out who God is.

We all have our own perception of God from our own perspectives that have created an identity — our individual identities. When you understand that God reveals Himself in an image, you will learn to see Him in everything that you do because every interaction is in opposition to the self and can be defined as being either masculine or feminine, Jew or nonjew.

As (humanity) both men and women are learning who they are as individuals, the more balanced we become with God, the more balanced we become with one another. This merging is why the awareness of two worlds is becoming defined and the two extremes are becoming very clear.

The soul is ONE. The balance within the self is one: It is one with God and the balance or oneness within the one in one another. It really is ONE mind. As we become balanced, we become one heart with one mind that knows. We are in both masculine and feminine worlds. We know Him and see Him in one another. The soul knows who He is.

What is ONE is creating a world that is two: It is masculine and feminine.

This game is not what we thought, at all. We are not here to become successful millionaires or artists or anything that the world idolizes about people. We are not having to be the most religious or the most intellectual or the most scholarly. Heaven does not care how many books you wrote either.

The hardest thing to become is selfless, unconditional love of the other who is the opposite. The hardest thing to do is to love and respect someone who is different than you. The hardest thing to do is to see the good in each other. What is good is God. When we love the other: masculine and feminine, Jew and nonjew — we bring heaven here on Earth.

We are here to experience Him. We are here to experience being in love.

That is all!!

Now we know…

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