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The Game of Thrones

This game has always been about you and me. We have been all the things that we really should not have been. We have been against each other. Why? This is not a game of who is better. We are here to be a complement…

We are not in love with each other. That is where we go wrong. We are in love with God and God teaches us love. That is how we know how to love the other.

We are the feminine. Our love for God makes us divine. Our reality is marriage. We have a divine contract. We choose to be a good, devoted wife.

God is the masculine. What is masculine? Well, God is love. That is what we realize now. God only loves us. God unconditionally loves and forgives us even though we have not loved Him back.

God is just sitting and waiting… He is waiting for our love. He is waiting for us to understand that we are His love.

The feminine is a receiver. We receive His love. God gives His love to us. It is a perfect exchange of masculine and feminine energy meant to create an everlasting flow of an unbreakable connection.

Currently, we do not understand that we are all feminine energy — We are becoming masculine energy.

In our physicality, the human being is only feminine energy. The journey of life is here to teach her the masculine energy who she really is. She is in the man and she comes out of the man.

She is created in His image but on Earth, the masculine and feminine energy is opposite. It is in her image.

Without God we are only receivers who do not believe in receiving from God. Instead, we receive from each other, the man. Receiving from physicality is not the correct way as we will never become masculine energy. We remain only feminine.

The Black Hole

We are black holes who are created to only receive. We are created to receive so we are inherently selfish. Everything is for the self. So, receiving from the man only takes and can never give back.

When we receive from God we are always receiving love. We understand the love of God. We become His love. We become the giver of love. We become givers.

The man is the one who loves the other with unconditional love. Adam is the spirit of the Jew who only loves unconditionally. There is no evil in his heart as he knows that we are only extensions of the self. We are all one.

And the King will answer and say to them, ‘Assuredly, I say to you, inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these My brethren, you did it to Me.’

Matthew 25:40

It is not good for man to be alone (Genesis 2:18). God created man a helper. The other is a helper who is not here to take from you but to give to you. It does not matter who the other is because we all are giving to each other in a way that we can learn who God is. If we do not understand, then there is something to learn. If we understand then we can be encouraged by the other.

We are here to help one another grow into being better lovers of God. The world will challenge us constantly on how to become better.

We are the feminine and God created us to give birth. Giving birth creates a change in ourselves to help us understand that our true pleasure is in giving to the other.

We create the child who is light together. We do this through our love for one another.

We are not alone because now we see the Jew.

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