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A Light Unto The Nations

Talk is cheap. We talk and talk but what does it matter? Words are only words unless they create an action. There is a lot of information out there. Spiritualists from every language are coming out of the woodwork. Forget Christianity because now there’s kundalini, kabbalah, gematria, qigong, alchemy, and prana. Spirituality is now a big mesh of many religious ideals that have suddenly surfaced all over the globe. It seems the world is having its bipolar moment enduring the mundane effects of living in 3D to the sudden revelation of quantum mechanics; a spiritual reality that has existed all along in 5D? We are physical but our actual truth exists in this magical, spiritual la la land?

We have been talking and talking but tell me, Where’s the beef? What is all this talk about anyway?

The Internet is exploding with information. Every detail of information is now contained at our fingertips. No longer do we have to spend oodles of time researching. Information has increased! Many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall increase. (Daniel 12:4)

The world is moving faster and faster every day. The demands of having this or that have also increased. We want more information!! We want things even better!! We want things even faster! We want it now!!

We can hardly even keep up with our own selves as we are moving at a speed that is nearly impossible for the human being to keep up with.

We are no longer in ignorance. No longer are we contained to our small, little, individual, identities. We are being pushed out! We are being pushed out of ourselves!! Which is exactly what needs to happen for us to know who we really are…

We have been in ignorance, in darkness, and why we have not been able to know our super 5D powers. Talk is cheap but when we actually see that the proof is in the pudding we realize that we can know the truth. We all are on our pulpits today. No longer are there priests and rabbis because we all are our own source of enlightenment. This game has always been about you and Him. Everyone around us is a source of more information and you get to choose how you want to receive that information or if you want to receive any of it at all. You are completely entitled to not want to receive and can stay safe and sound inside your own little self for as long as you like.

See, the son of God knew. He was the perfect balance of all of us. His physicality was a Jew, so that is our source, our beginning, but he was the perfect balance of all Jews and nonjews, of masculine and feminine combined. When one is balanced they know. They know the difference between what is good compared to what is evil. They know the Father — I and My Father are one. (John 10:30)

The Jew in this world is becoming balanced. He knows himself because he also considers what is good for the other outside of himself, his opposite, who is reflected back to him. This is what is happening in our world, right now. What is happening isn’t actually so big because, in truth, it is actually very small. The Jew can be me or you. You don’t have to be Jewish. You just have to love the Jew. We are a reflection of one another. I am you — you are me if you love the other too.

God is always our Creator. He is always in heaven (outside) and the son is who we create (inside).

He is our love that is true, and it isn’t just our talking. He is our energy that desires. We desire peace and love between one another. We do not want to fight anymore.

We want to be ONE.

Let us not just talk anymore. Let our words come alive as the Bible is alive in us, as His words become our words. Let our words reflect our heart that truly loves the other and let’s be done with this game of chaos and destruction…

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