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My God’s Not Dead!

The journey has always been to find the self. God is big. We are a reflection of Him. Everything in this world is a reflection of the heavenly world. What? How can that be? This world is lost in a sea of confusion and chaos. How can this world be a reflection of anything good? Well, that is because we are evil and He is good. Without God and left to our own understanding we will destroy ourselves. Even if we think a choice is good, when it is independent of God, it is bad. Choosing God is fail-safe and always the right way. Perhaps we are beginning to see that now?

What is the self?

The self is an image of what is outside of ourselves. We are individuals. We are physicality. We are a container, basically…

Outside of ourselves is the world that is supposed to be in the reflection of what the self believes. Well, sadly, it is that way. What we see outside of ourselves is because this is what is inside. This world hates. It hates God and does not believe in Him. The world chooses to believe in God in its own identity with its own rules. The self sees only itself.

God is revealed in an image.

The image is masculine and feminine. The feminine is all of humanity. How do I know this? Well, God is in “heaven” or outside of ourselves that we have been trying to understand. Because of “sin” He remains seemingly separate. It has always been about the masculine but we have not truly understood who He is. That is what we all have been trying to figure out in our own individual identities, first.

We have to learn to love what is inside to see Him outside of ourselves. We are learning to love.

God is teaching us that He is love. When we see that God is love, we understand that we are becoming love. The more we seek God, the more we are learning about who He is and how He has loved us. God only loves. That means the image of God is unconditional love. God accepts us, the feminine, “as is”.

The feminine is on a journey to learn evil first, to understand what is good. When she understands the difference between good and evil – she chooses to be good.

This is a time to become very honest with the self. It is actually easy to see God today because we are so consumed by darkness. Until we admit that we are liars and constantly make excuses for our bad behavior, we will never see Him. When we correct our own choices that are toxic for the individual self, we become healed and then can see Him with more clarity. We have to work hard on our own selves to begin to see His truth. The human needs to fight his own jealousy, competitiveness, and disrespect towards others, to admit that we all are God’s beautiful creations. Instead of recognizing anything good about the other and helping the other, we have oppressed the other from getting ahead.

We are a Helper

When we begin to see God outside of ourselves, it is because we found Him inside of ourselves. God is ONE. We are able to see past our own evil desires to see the beauty of God in the other. We have believed that protecting the self means seeing others as evil, but that is wrong. Evil is a behavior and reaction to being hurt and unhealed. We need healthy boundaries to be respected but people are not created evil. When we break through our own evils, we are able to see the pain. We can identify with the other because we are all the same.

Hurt people, hurt people.

When we do not understand the love of God.

When we are healed, we become awake. No one is completely awake or completely healed because we are all learning together who the self is and who is God. We are becoming ONE together. ONE is what is one in all of us. ONE is the good and the light that we all suppress in ourselves and in each other. ONE speaks to ONE in all of us. Until we can learn together, we will continue to hate the other, judging them as being “bad”. When we hate, we are actually shutting a door to understanding more about the self.

The relationship with God is always in an image. We are all on a journey out of evil to become what is good. We are all on a journey that is in ignorance first so we are learning. We are in darkness first. We are becoming light as we become aware of what is good in all things around us. We are confined to the superficial identity of the container, the individual, of physicality until we identify with how everything is meant to reveal something good.

As we clear up the clutter of negativity from our individual selves we become more positive about seeing what is good in what is bad. We all are in darkness until we can understand that we are all here doing the same thing. We all are seeking what is good but we just do not understand what that is.

We are all one.

Oneness is seeing the beauty of Him in our reflection. We are His and He is ours. We are in a relationship. The more we reject what isn’t Him in ourselves, the more we will become ONE with Him and so all of us. The more balanced we are with Him (rejecting what isn’t good), the more balanced we are with Him outside of ourselves. He is the balance of what is internal and external. He is the Jew and the Nations, the man and the woman; masculine and feminine energy that works in tandem with one another.

We become what we love.

We become His love.

We are love.

Messiah is a balance of understanding what is evil but choosing what is good. Messiah is a place where the person has done their hard work and is now healed. This person knows what love is and can now love the other, “as is”. The one who unconditionally loves the other contains the spirit of the Jew who is Messiah, who is ONE with all.

“The first man Adam became a living being. The last Adam became a life-giving spirit.

1 Corinthians 15:45

We are not looking for someone to come save us because that person already came and continues to be rejected. Stop rejecting the Jew.

We did not understand who God is. We did not understand what is good. God is the good in all. God is love. When God is alive inside, we will be able to see Him outside. Until we learn to reject evil and choose what is good, we will never understand anything.

My God’s not dead, He’s surely alive.

He is living on the inside, roaring like a lion!

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