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The Exodus: Finding Our Way Home

Things have gotten quite confusing. There are a lot of spiritual people out there and we all seem to have our own ideas about the way the world is going. If you listen to us though, we all are saying the same thing but from our own journeys, perspectives, and in our own creative way.

There are two identities that we all can identify with. We all know what is good and bad from our own perspectives. We all think certain things are good and certain things are bad. We all have our own views and opinions on what those things are. Since we have murder, some people even think that murdering someone is okay, but is it? Who says murder is bad?

Are Rules Good?

We have laws but more and more we don’t respect them. The more we see how everything and everyone is corrupt and lying to us, the more the rules don’t even matter.

So, today we are in a state where we don’t know what is right. We all have our own opinions and we all are free to do what we want — freedom is what it is all about, right? In this world, we believe it is better to have no division or boundaries. Boundaries are now looked as being bad. We don’t want any rules. We want to be unruly. We are rebels. We want to do whatever we want.

It is okay if you want to do whatever you want, but whatever you want might not be good for someone else. Let’s face it, how many people would want to be murdered? So, whatever we do may have an affect on the other that might not be good.

So, we try to make rules but, as you can see, rules don’t matter anymore and more and more they will not. The world does not trust the other. We cannot agree and we do not even agree to disagree.

The Relationship

I talk a lot about the Jew and nonjew relationship. I am not saying that Jews are better than nonjews or that nonjews are better than Jews. I am saying that we are all the same. We are also meant to be separate.

The world does not like separate. The world likes everything the same and the world thinks that it can have everything the same. The world is not compliant to understand that there is a natural design to the world and harmony to the human being. The world rebels against the design and wants to fit into it the way it wants to.

Just like the man and the woman. Men want to be women and women want to be men. The worldly view says there isn’t a role. We both can do each others role the same and sometimes even better! Things have gotten so far left that a lot of people also believe it is okay to change our God given. natural, physical design.

The Internal Struggle

The Jew and the nonjew are the same. Inside all of us is a Jew and a nonjew. The reason why I believe the Jew is what is good is because I believe in the ONE Jew who is Messiah. He is promised to be the Spirit of God who will restore us back to peace and unity (1 Corinthians 15:45-58). I believe because the Son of God came, we have our proof that we actually figure this game out one day. I believe in the Jew! The Jew is in me and I see the Jew outside of me (what is good in all of us). I believe the Jew is the image of God, not the nonjew.

We are here to fix ourselves. The world does not have to agree with how I see things but this is what is going on in my head and why I can look at the world and empower it. I see what is good in it.

Just like we all have masculine and feminine traits about our self, we also have Jew and nonjew traits about our self. The Jew is what is holy (good) and the nonjew is what isn’t. The two are separate.

So, within the self are two identities that we need to establish for us to see what is good outside of ourselves. Outside of ourselves is currently telling us what is good based on it’s perspective that hates the Jew. (If we hate anything our perspective is skewed. We have to learn to see what is good in all things). The world and each other are a mix of what is good and bad. We have to see with the eyes of God to understand what is acceptable to build healthy boundaries around ourselves so that we do not end up being pulled in a wrong direction that is unhealthy. If anything opposes the natural design or who we are in the image of God, it will become toxic and kill us because it is against the order created by God.

If I eat cardboard and say that is good perhaps it is? But when I end up in the hospital, full of medical problems, I realize that it wasn’t.

Do you get it?

We are all on a healing journey to the self. The self is our individual self but as you learn to understand what is healthy for yourself, you will see what is unhealthy for the outside of yourself. You also can see what is good. Because we all come from a place that was in darkness or (mix) we are confused and make bad choices based on opinion of the masses who are in darkness because they hate the other. If we learn from our bad choices that we have made, we now know what is bad, and, so can know what is good.

Religion and the Bible is our ancestors telling us what they did wrong for us to know what is good. God is their perspective and how they identified with God. God is real, and real in ourselves. The spirit of God is alive and alive in ourselves. Believing in God is the beginning stage of understanding what is good. God is what is good.

Now, we can embark on that long journey through the dry desert to understand who God is. We are seeking good food and clean water. Understanding God is understanding our individual selves. When we see God outside of ourselves, it is because we found what is good.

The Bible says that in the end of days, Torah will be written on our hearts (Jeremiah 31:31-34).

For more references see here.

The Bible says we are all gods:

“You are gods, And all of you are children of the Most High”

Psalm 82:6

Until we heal the self by believing in God and believing that God is the creator of all of us, we will never see God.

We are all our own little god, first. We are children first. We believe we are physically separate from each other but we do not understand how we are spiritually ONE. We do not grow up until we know the truth about who who we really are.

We are in the image of God.

We are what is good and, so, believe in what is good.

There are two worlds. There is this world that is completely confused about itself and there is the other one that only sees and believes in what is good.

Evil, darkness, and what is bad will die. We just have to stop believing in it and choose what is good because we know it means life.

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