I Come From a Land Down Under

I am going to tell you a secret…

This world has created an illusion. We created the illusion because we had to for us to be able to see the truth. The problem today is that we created a program so good that it is now very difficult to see out of it.

There are a lot of people out there who are saying they know the secret. The secret really isn’t even a secret. It is all about our own awareness. Once we are aware of the illusion, the truth is instantly revealed.

Here is how easy God is. It is man who made him complicated. The man is all about himself. That is what creates the illusion. There are many gurus out there. Since the beginning of my journey, that is what has been the most difficult thing for me to find. Who do I believe in? What this world doesn’t tell you is that you are the guru and in this world is God.

God is inside-out

God is a mirror image

God is backwards

Compared to the human identity, God is the opposite. So, that is part of the secret. The man wants to be God and, so, cannot see God in the other. Instead, he criticizes the other because he is saying I am wiser, therefore, I am the one you should believe in. That is one red flag for us to know that that man should not to be trusted. That man also charges money for God. This gets tricky. That man claims he is of some higher realm and source that you should trust and for it he wants your money. The reality though is that he wants the high life and will take all your glory. What baffles me is that a lot of us fall for it; paying thousands of dollars to see them in person, for their retreats, and to worship them. A lot of us are so insecure that we think we need to pay for God. We have been fooled and don’t understand that God is absolutely FREE. They fail to tell you that God is in all of us exactly the same. No one is wiser or better because all of us are one with Him and one with each other the same. You do not need fancy crudentials or anything. God is all one. The trick is just recognizing the simplicity of who He is.

Refiners Fire

The world is going through a refinement, together.

We all missed the boat, and all of us failed God. That is where we all have to begin. We are evil in our human nature and now we proved it. This world is an upside-down mess of layered compounded, chaotic, confusion. It is actually perfect in all its ridiculousness of obvious dysfunction.

Perfect! Because God now stands out in it all like a sore thumb!

Now, we look at the other and can see what is Him.

We are nothing and He is everything. Look to the person who is in your world. It could be anyone because He is in everyone. Do you see Him?

God is the feminine energy between men. We are all ego-driven men until we recognize the woman. She is selfless. Since the beginning of time, she is the mother. She is our mother. She is the one that no one is talking about. She is the one at home giving everything for us and to us. She is the nurturer and the one who feeds us. She is the one who makes us feel safe and ensures we have all that we need to keep warm. She contains the light that we birth in all of us to all of us the same.

Believing in Him is our Power

When we love God we learn that God is love. We learn what love is. True love loves the other and we all identify with integrity and truth. If we want to be loved we have to learn how to love, which goes against the grain of our ego.

Healing the soul is a matter of work. For six days we work on ourselves and then we rest when all our work is done. That is when we know who we are. We have obtained an awareness of Him. We walk with Him in every decision throughout our day. He is always with us. We choose to recognize Him in our decisions. We choose love and to love. We nurture our body and mind into good health so we can be strong to nurture this world that God gave all of us the responsibilty to care for and enjoy.

Because we love Him we are becoming her…

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