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Who is the Anti-Christ?

The Bible talks a lot about this beast of a person who is the reason for no hope in the world. He has oppressed us from the very beginning of time having his burdensome finger upon all of us. The heavyweight pins us down whilst he feverishly embellishes in his abilities to control the masses by leaving us feeling exhausted and incapable. We can only squirm underneath his grip. Laughing uncontrollably, he revels in his power stating; “You are the weak, there is no safe place for you to go!”

Are we just like a bug who is about to be squished?

The Narcissist

We are all the narcissist. That is what we have to realize. That is the deception of this beast who is upon all of us. The beast has convinced us that we are not it. Instead, it sneakily made us think we were the good guy while everyone else is “BAD!”. It taught us to look at the sliver in the other’s eye while we have a plank in our own. We have been the judgers, the criticizers, and the haters. We have been the ones of superior knowledge, the respected, the revered, and the ones you are supposed to love. We have been the legalists, the rule makers, and the heavy.

We have been the man!


The power in the world that is dominant is masculine because whether we like to admit it or not there is masculine and feminine power. Typically men are more “masculine” and females are more “feminine” but that is now changing as we all identify with one another. We have become the other. We can relate to both roles the same.

No longer does a woman need a man like she did not that long ago. Today’s woman is independent and has revealed that she can take care of herself without the need for a man. So, if the man is not needed what is the point of a man?

We all are competing to be the man. We all are competing to become idols. We want to be worshipped. We want to be loved. And why wouldn’t we? We are the image of God. Doesn’t God also want to be worshipped? Doesn’t God also want to be loved?

We are trying to be the image of God. First, we have to be legalists because that creates the paths that the man trusts. This game has always been about trust. In the garden, the man and the woman were separated by a difference and blamed the other for it. The man and the woman have trauma to heal all the way back from the beginning of time. Since the beginning, the man and the woman have not trusted one another.

We have not worked together in tandem, in a relationship that complements the other. The only way we can do that is if we fall in love. Love is against the nature of man because in our default we are narcissistic. We have to choose to go against what feels wrong because we know is it right for the other. We have to start making new paths that connect us back to one another.

The Promised Land

We all are on a journey to heaven. We might be a Christian, a Muslim or a Jew. We might be Hindu, a Buddhist or a Shik. It doesn’t matter because our religion is our identity. What we have to realize is that we all have a brain and each brain is different. What unites us is our heart. We all are trying to understand what is good because that is why we are here. We are like the tree of knowledge of good and evil and because we want to become like God (Adam) who is life, or the image of God, we have to freely choose to be good.

We know it is good to love the other. We have to learn to see God in our image or what is good in the other.

The spirit of God is one. He is who is in all of our hearts. We have to start making paths that go out of our comfort zone. These paths leave from our brain to our hearts to understand that we are all united in one heart. Our heart is feminine and free because she is not confined to the paths of the brain. She goes off those paths to identify with the other. She chooses to be a helper and help the other get to the Promised Land — She is an empath.

The woman becomes the man.

This is not just words because words are feeling and feeling is knowing. The woman knows the man and the man knows the woman. They are one brain and one heart. They are not with the illusion that they are separate.

Our superpower is love because love knows. When we know it is because we trust in God more than we trust in our own understanding. We trust that God is in the other and we try to see Him there or understand why we cannot.

We are all affected by one another. If we look at the other as being “bad” then that is what they will be. They will believe what we believe in them. We are the creators of what world we want to have.

If we want a better world, a good world, then we have to start seeing God in it.

But if your eye is bad, your whole body will be full of darkness. If therefore the light that is in you is darkness, how great is that darkness! Matthew 6:23

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4 thoughts on “Who is the Anti-Christ?”

  1. We are made in the image of God—our creator. Throughout history roles have changed whether a man or a woman—we do still need one another. Even in the beginning of time there were strong strong, powerful women as well as weaker men. That’s what makes each person unique.

    Don’t fall for what roles media portray the world to be now. Even in the Bible it says no generation will be different from the next. They will act as if it were happening for the first time—but they are wrong. God doesn’t make mistakes. The world needs to meditate, and pray and connect to God— as the answers are within. His is in us, but we also have individuality— FREEDOM to choose.

    There will be a time when this earth world will end—and a final choice will be made. Yes, there are many antichrists but the one Anti-Christ will show his face and evil in the middle of the tribulation— those that follow him will not have eternal life— the Bible is very clear about that.

    I have had an out of body experience— and was shown by God a peak into HIS magnificent kingdom— this is only a learning place for our souls to evolve. We all have a purpose and are all connected to the divine. Our souls are eternal— however to enter Gods Kingdom you must be pure in heart. There will be a day when we have no choice and there are only 2– darkness and light.

    Satan is real, if he weren’t there would be no evil in the world and no Hell—but there is there.

    God has not returned yet because he wants ALL souls with him— as we are his children. He is in us, he created us, and HE is in our DNA. But make no mistake there is no room in HIS kingdom for EVIL. This is ALL in the Bible. This is not what I think—this is what I know.

    The time to understand that is Now.


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