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The Duality of Oneness: Iron Sharpens Iron

I am not sure how you are identifying with it all? How new is this thought to you? It really is not a new thought though, at all, because this thought has been here since the beginning of time. I am in love, therefore, I recognize our relationship, as this has also been my journey for many years.

We are all here to identify with the truth about ourselves — the self, the one Adam, as we all evolved from Him. Now, what I don’t identify with is any talk that is in love with itself, which is a huge red flag for me because narcissism is our enemy that we have to be aware of how convincing and deceptive it is. In our current state, narcissism appears to be running the show but the narcissist thinks he is wiser than God and that is where things take a fascinating turn.

The Quantum Leap

It has been since the beginning of time that we have been trying to understand the identity of God but we all have our different interpretations of who God is. In our attempt to understand Him, we have separated ourselves from each other into groups that claim they know the way. Here we are, all in our own identities, some are Christians, some are Jews, some are Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, and on and on. We have many different identities and different names for them. Our belief is our religion, which shapes the identity of who we are as people to understand the choices we make that we believe are good.

Most believe in a Jewish Messiah, yet, we don’t understand what that means. Our masculine, analytical side trusts physicality; we need reason, we need fact, we justify, and need proof to believe. We put our trust in man and our religion and our science.

Today, what is our religion? No longer are we in the box of these religions we called Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism, and all the other many religions. Information is at our fingertips. Anything we want to know, we can just ask. We are no longer in ignorance of one another. We learn and identify with one another together. We see how we all can bring a piece of understanding to that great table we all can choose to eat good food from.

The Adam

We are all the woman, Eve, because humanity is here to understand the difference between good and evil. The light of Adam did not die because He, who is the Spirit of God has been here speaking to all of us since the beginning of time. In all of us is the light of God, dormant, until we seek to know Him. We are trying to identify with God to understand the self, the Adam, the image of God, so bringing ourselves back to the very beginning of where there is no bad anymore — a complete, healed self having no interference of the evil that disconnects us from our oneness.

We can be confident that we will succeed in overcoming our narcissism because we know that the Son of God, who is the complete balance of masculine and feminine energy in one physical body was born.

There is no time with God but only the time it takes for us to see our oneness. We can only see by breaking out of the cursed woman and surrendering completely to God who is the light of what is good outside of ourselves that we see — WE SEE GOD IN OUR IMAGE.

Messiah is here and has always been here but not until we see Him in our image. When we see Him you know that He is here because what is in the outside of ourselves is what is inside.

The Jew is Torah. If we love the Jew, we become the Jew. We become the Jew, together, as a collective whole. Torah becomes written on our hearts as we know. We are one mind. We bring Heaven here on Earth. We all are words. Our words are our spirit. If our spirit loves Him, our words become His. We become Torah, who we love because the woman is in the man and the man is in the woman. We birth the light of God into the darkness through our love for one another.

God is love.

There are only masculine (giver) and feminine (receiver). Masculine energy is divine because love can only come from God. Humanity chooses to receive it by recognizing it and giving it back.

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