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You Are My World

God designed this world to teach us. Mostly, we have accepted the program that we designed that tells us we are here to live the best life for the self only and then we die. We accept our superficial lives that offered some good times in the struggle. The program, up until now, has been telling us that we are here for the self to have its best life at whatever cost to the other.

God’s Plan

Humanity’s default instinct is to protect the self, at whatever cost. In a way, it isn’t even our fault that we are selfish. The program is designed to make us this way. Without an awareness of God, we don’t care about anyone else but our self. Without an awareness of God, we are no better than an animal who is only trusting his animal instincts.

But, in truth, God made humanity higher than animals.

Then God said, “Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness; let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the air, and over the cattle, over all the earth and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth.” 

Genesis 1:26

Notice the “Us”. When we love God we are one in union with Him and one another — We are one. Together, we designed this game that we are in.

Instead of desiring the superficial self that is on the same level as an animal, God gave us the ability to choose to want to understand who we are created in His image.

Because humans have free will, God gave us the choice to want Him. We have to make a decision to love Him against the selfish self to discover who He is to discover who we are.

Religion and all the disciplines that we created are the paths (brain) that help us decide what road to take that will lead us to the Promised Land of finding our true selves and, so our purpose for being created in the first place.

We all are created to learn to choose to love and to experience the greatest pleasure here on Earth.

Choosing Love

Choosing love is against the program that, up until now, we have created to test ourselves. The old program is darkness. Its design is to keep one in a loop of darkness and belief that this world is the only world and our animal self is the only superficial level that the human can achieve. This program is designed to convince the human that there is no hope, there are no miracles, and there is no God. There is only this sad joke of a horrible place that you need to survive in and make the best of at whatever cost to others and the world — The instinct is simply to survive as pleasurable as possible physically.

Finding a Loop-hole

We all are asleep until we find a way out of the madness of the self whose only job is designed to destroy the self. In Judaism, it is called the Yetzer hara. In Christianity, it is called Satan. In other religions, it is called the ego. We must hear the two voices and choose to act on the right one. Every action, every second, needs to make a choice. The only possible way to achieve a higher level than the animal instinct is through our desire that wants to love God. We must learn to trust. We must have faith. That will break our curse. Whoever God is, we must choose to want to understand Him, seek Him, and begin our journey out of the hellfire that we created; instead, transform ourselves by being purified by the flames that surround us.

The War is Spiritual

The only place is between you and God. Everything that happens in a day is between you and Him. Every person and every action is about you and Him. Whatever you do, you do to Him. If you lie, cheat, steal, manipulate or harm, you do to Him. The world is your image, which you create.

We all choose. We can choose Him now and not have to face judgment when our physicality dies. We can be with Him, in union now. We ultimately judge ourselves even in the end. We are very hard on ourselves when faced with truth.

We are not perfect because we are being perfected. The relationship to this world is between you and Him. It is your desire to want to know Him that you wished to experience in physicality. You hide this from yourself to challenge yourself to find love. It is your challenge to want Him by finding your way out of the amnesia state that you are in.

We are here to overcome the ego (our Satan) by choosing to love Him.

We become what we love.

We become love.

We become the image of God.

We become the Son who came who we birth who is “Us”.

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