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The Eye of God: A Wheel Within A Wheel

Whether we like to admit it or not, there is a design created by God. God is organized and does not change. If things go against the natural order of things, we do not experience His pleasure. Instead, we experience death and destruction. That is what we are experiencing today because man makes up the rules himself not understanding how to respect what has already been in place all along…

We are Energy

God moves us through images or opposition. The image of God can be seen in everything. When we have darkness we also have light. What we see in the light is His truth. When we have evil we have good because what is in the bad is a lesson that teaches us what is good. We are physicality but physicality is only a container that contains the spirit of God that is inside all of us.

Understanding the Vessel

In our physicality, we have been doing things backward because our perception is the opposite of God. We identify more with the physical so we believe in its truth more. But our physicality is not what we should be believing in. Physicality is here to help us enjoy our spirituality but it is difficult to understand our spirituality when we are so dependent on physicality for all our needs.

Our Marriage

In the world of God, we are married to Him first. If we understand that we are spirit first, we see that our spirit is the breath of God. We understand that we are His and He is ours. He gives us life. We are in a marriage with our Creator.

God only loves us, so love allows us to choose what we want. We are free to choose whether we want to love or not to love Him. Ultimately, we are learning that our choices independent of God are not going to be good. Going against the design of God always has consequences as we learn that our intelligence compared to God is no match. His way is always the only way to experience the greatest pleasure.

Disconnecting from God disconnects us from ourselves. The wheel is broken, so leaves us confused about who we really are — We simply cannot see God’s truths.

How to Know God

Choosing God is choosing what is best for the individual self, as well as the whole because the greatest commandment is to love God and love the other as you would love yourself.

God created us as either a man or a woman as a Jew or a gentile. Within every single one of us are both. We each are a man and a woman and a Jew and a gentile but our physicality tells us what we are experiencing in this world. All are a complement to the other. When we understand our design we will experience the greatest, most intimate love, which is divine. It is heaven on earth.

The masculine energy of the perfect Jew is at our very core who is one with the surrounding feminine energy all around it. Around the energy of the perfect Jew is the perfected masculine gentile energy who becomes one with the surrounding feminine gentile energy. Then there is our outer shell of physicality.

We each are contained in the same way but are confused about God if we do not love God. When we love God we realize that our soul is all the same (God) we can love all our parts equally the same to understand who we really are as one whole. When we submit to the design of God we will see God in all of ourselves in creation (in the physicality) to experience the whole. What is inside of ourselves is matching what is on the outside — We are balanced.

The place of balance is pure love because we love what is inside just as we do on the outside.

Each part is in love with all its other parts the same. Each is a complement to the other and experiences each other the same. The wheel is constantly turning as each part is revealing another part of God to the other. We are helpers helping each other refine one another into a deeper more intimate connection with God.

Our heart becomes one mind who knows God as we experience Him with one another. What is on the outside is equal to what is on the inside — We have become ONE because we recognize Him in each other.

— The image of God is birthed.

Rainbow of Colours

Here we are all a spectrum of light making up a rainbow,
A full circle rainbow of colour:
Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet.
Each is a vessel of colour contained in each colour of the rainbow.
The vessel is black.
White is all around the full circle of colour.
Endless light surrounding a rainbow of colour,
Is aware of its colour within the colours,
And is turning white.

~ from We Are ONE

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