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They’ll Be Calling Us Royalty

There is no power without the power of love. We humans can be very intelligent but also very dumb. We have had many accomplishments that who would have thought we’d achieve? Just look at where humanity has evolved to. It is both amazing and very sad. Just imagine the world we could have had if humanity applied their knowledge to doing good things for each other and the planet. The energy that went to nuclear destruction, war, and terrorism could have gone into fixing problems like pollution, disease, and poverty.

We cannot solve the problems with the same thinking that created them.


The Hope of God

The problem has always been that we, as a whole, have not understood God. We all have been busy trying to figure Him out. We wrote our different books and listened to our different sages, but in the end, here we all are still looking at each other with confusion and disdain.

With all the many different opinions, perspectives, and understandings, we have lost hope in ourselves for a solution and have even lost sight of the power of God.

We tried to follow the rules but then we questioned them. What are the rules anyway?

We are now sitting here realizing that we have not been able to trust ourselves. In our own power, we thought we were good. We thought we were able to follow instructions, perform them, and it would all work out in the end.

But now we can sit here a little bit longer to reflect on all that we have done and realize that the rules meant absolutely nothing if the rule did not consider the whole.

We Are in Him Together

God has always revealed Himself in the other. From the very beginning, He revealed His deepest secret. We have been too busy trying to figure Him out that we completely missed it.

We are here to figure out who we really are. God made us into two trees. There is the tree of Life and then there is the tree of knowledge of Good and Evil. We will never have life until we know the difference between good and evil, so we had to figure out that part first. We had to create both good and evil. Today, it is near the end of our sixth day that we were created on. We can look back on this day to reflect on what was good and what was bad because, now, we know.

Choosing Life

Now that we know, we are no longer in ignorance. Ignorance is darkness. The Spirit of Life, which is good, has been here since the beginning of time trying to be revealed. That is because life was blown into each and every one of us by the power of God who created us all.

We are life and we are death. If we choose life, we choose God. God is waiting for us to see that we need Him. We surrender to Him and enter a covenant, a marriage, with the divine. Love is selfless. We learn to love God and then we know what is good because now we know that God is love.

Becoming Love

Love is a choice because love is free. We are not slaves to our Creator because our Creator is loving. Our Creator is waiting for us to love Him. We don’t have to love Him — that is our choice.

When we learn who we are, we learn that we are love. Love knows because love is love and knows how to love the other back.

God is here, now, in one another. He is just waiting for us to recognize Him.

We are darkness — He is light. We see His light, what is good, in the other.

We empower each other by recognizing Him.

Darkness is only temporary. Darkness is here to teach us who we really are. When we don’t know, we seek to know because all the answers are already here.

We are chosen only because we choose to love Him.

But you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, His own special people, that you may proclaim the praises of Him who called you out of darkness into His marvelous light. 1 Peter 2:9

Ain’t nothing going to stop this fire!

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2 thoughts on “They’ll Be Calling Us Royalty”

  1. (I say this as a Human Being…) Shannie You and the Wisdom You Share is wwwaaayyy Beyond its “time”…I Love You and (as always) Keep up the GO(o)D Work Beautiful Soul 👍🏿!!!!!🙏🏿[3 John 2]💜

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much. Your kindness and support means a lot. You encourage me because you are also in love. We are the same. We all are expressions of Him. You love Him with a whole heart, which is beautiful. Thank you for being out of the box with me 🤗


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