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Identical love: What Lies Beneath

People say they believe in God but what does believing in God mean? God is different for all of us. God really is a reflection of ourselves. Whatever we think, say, and do to our image is coming from what we believe. Most would agree that God is love. But love is different for everyone, so what is love? I love my family and my friends but everyone else is separate from me — I don’t need to love them. This is the typical ideology that is acceptable in the world. It is easy to love people who love us but what about those people who we think don’t? It is good to love your family and friends but the difficult neighbour across the street is different. Do we need to love them? Or how about that coworker who is the thorn in our side that they keep poking at. For sure, we do not need to love them, right?

Every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a bad tree bear good fruit. Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. Therefore by their fruits you will know them.

Matthew 7:17-20

Not only do our actions affect one another but so do our thoughts. We are all always making mistakes, so we cannot judge why others are being so challenging to get along with. No one can go through life constantly being good and always loving in a world that has no idea what love is. Our challenge is to try to be love the best that we can and know how to be. Life is a game. Everyday is another challenge. At the end of your day, ask yourself, how well did you score? Careful not to be too hard on yourself because only God is perfect. God is a loving, forgiving God but what does it mean to believe in Him? How do we become a good tree that bears good fruit?

Life isn’t just about me…

Many of us are content to say, “I believe in God” but what you say is reflected in who you are. Believing in God means you love Him back. We need to accept that in our power, we fail. We need God. Without God we cannot function. Without God we cannot understand who we are or why we are here. That is where we start our journey. The “I” needs to die, so that it becomes all about God.

A Complete Surrender

As the “I” dies we are able to balance what is good by rejecting what is evil, first, within the self to know what is good. We are always in a fight between our ego and God. We actually cannot even really understand what the ego is until we understand who God is. We have to want to love God more than ourselves.

The relationship we have with God is not one-sided. God doesn’t just send down His amazing love all over us and we just keep on taking it. We cannot take God for granted just because we know that He is all loving and forgiving. Believing in God does not mean “I” do what I want because God loves me. Not loving the other is narcissistic, which makes one blind to the wholeness of the self.

We are here to find the balance of God’s masculine loving energy between the feminine energy that choses to not only receive it but to also give it back. To just receive love is not a relationship.

How do we give back God’s love?

We need to seek and find God. We need to learn who God is. We are in a marriage with the divine. We need to learn who our divine Husband is.

The Masks we Wear

The world is a dark place. The darkness is a reflection of the darkness in ourselves. We know we are darkness, so now we must learn to seek the light that is in the darkness. All of us are wearing a mask. Our physicality does not tell you who we are beneath the mask. This is something we all discover together. If we believe the other is evil then the other will also believe they are evil. If we see evil as a behaviour, a mask, we can transform the behaviour by giving back unconditional love that has been given to us.

We are not disconnected from one another. Instead, we are one another. Every interaction we have with people has been finely orchestrated by God. We have to start looking at our lives from a spiritual perspective instead of taking it all for granted.

We are here to be the image of God.

I believe in God but what does that mean?

It means that we need to know who God is. God created all human beings with a mask and hid Himself behind it. Most of us believe more in our mask then we do in God, so our mask has become who we think we are.

It is up to us who are aware of our masks to see past them to reveal Him in each other.

Masculine and feminine energy is complemented through opposition. Every interaction is an opportunity for a positive reaction. We can transform evil into goodness when we receive evil, we can choose to give back God’s love. We are the nations who love the perfect Adam who we see behind every mask. We are the feminine who is transformed masculine energy because we chose to be love. When we become balanced, we will be in that perfect place when the Child of Light is birthed through our love for one another.

We are here to become His love. We become His love, first, and then we will all know our truth.

Love is our power that we need to believe in.

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