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Here Comes The Bride

Does anyone else get confused about how the Bible says we are all brothers and sisters but yet we get married and we have children of our own?

In actuality, our existence, our reality is in what we are repeating in the physical that mirrors what we are supposed to know about who we really are spiritually. Let’s see what that might mean…

In the Beginning

There were only two people. Well, there was one person, Adam. Out of the man came the woman, Eve, but together they are one soul. Combined they are the physical image of God who is spiritual. They are masculine and feminine energy that works in balance with one another.

Sin created a separation because evil is separate from holiness who is God.

Since the first sin, we have been doing what God told us to do. We have been repeating ourselves by creating more of ourselves.

Be fruitful and multiply; bring forth abundantly in the earth and multiply in it.

Genesis 9:7

The Marriage Contract

What we are furthering ourselves away from understanding is what a true marriage means. Why do we have marriage? What does marriage have to do with God?

Adam and Eve are one soul. In our individual, feminine energy we choose to be individually married to God who is masculine energy. Our marriage to God is always first; meaning we become complete in ourselves by loving Him first. Then we are whole as we identify with the masculine energy of God, which is the complete opposite from our feminine energy. That is how we learn that God is love. Out of our darkness and immature, self-centered child, we grow to learn that we want to be light. We desire to experience the love we know by becoming loving to the other. The only way to become a lover is when we know how to love. We complete each other by experiencing the love of God in our physicality together — we become one soul that loves the Spirit of God equally in the other. Physicality is an image but we are in love with the Spirit of God who we see is loving. Unconditional love is masculine energy.

To become love is our highest calling.

Today, our oneness is scattered all over the world as we are all bits and pieces of the first two people. Darkness furthered ourselves from respecting the design of who we are as in the image of God. We do not trust God. Instead, we have trusted our image first.

In truth, we are married to the Spirit of God, first. Placing any image before God continues to keep ourselves in darkness.

We all have free choice to accept our spirituality and surrender our control to Him.

Our Energy

The man and the woman work together by sharing their energy in a balanced way. They are equal partners who complement one another. The other is our image that gives us an experience of Him. We all want to be in love. When we love God, we become love, and become like Him.

Religion is not God

I have a unique perspective of religion and spirituality because I consider wisdom from all of us. We need to find the balance in opposition. The challenge is discovering true love. Our history is our truth that no one can deny. We are all one soul from the beginning of time until now. All that is good, lives because it is God. We all have discovered Him together. I do not listen to a rabbi, a priest, or spiritual guru first. Instead, I identify with God spiritually, first, through meditation and prayer. I ask for His direction and welcome the information He provides to me that isn’t one sided. I challenge myself because the obvious truth is that God is in all of us.

Religion is not good if we make it our image. Religion is only one interpretation of God that thinks the other is evil. That is why I question religion because all of us have been both good and bad. A leader who teaches that only his view is correct needs to be challenged to see the other side of the coin. The other is our complement to a deeper connection to God.

The Jew and the Gentile

We are like brothers and sisters. We are like a man and a woman but our energy has been working, negatively, against one another. We have not loved one another. Yet, to love one another is the golden rule in all religions.

We all have our favourite prophets and leaders – we continue to think they are the best because they line up with our own perspectives. But we all bring a good leader to the table. We can add to each other’s thoughts in a positive way. What is good is recognizing the Spirit of God who is one. He is one consciousness who is speaking to all of us the same from the beginning until the end. He is the light. We all have our creative interpretations of the light. There is only division, which creates darkness when we choose to reject the other.

God who created all of us is in control. We have to fight the desire of wanting to be in control instead. In God’s world we are all the same and equally important to the puzzle. There is no sense of individual importance.

We should embrace who we are as individuals and then as a whole because every single person is a unique design of God. There are no favourites in God’s world because we all are loved exactly the same. We tend to put other people on pedestals, even in our religions, but that is idol worship. We all are equals in God’s eyes. We all are His children. He does not care about what groups we belong to and does not see which one is better because every group is a path to Him. The challenge is to not be afraid to see a different perspective, respecting the other’s views and understanding. We should try to see the Spirit of God in one another.

We do not define God. God defines us through our love for one another.

The challenge is to trust God. Make no mistake because the relationship is between you and God, first. Our journeys, traditions, cultures, religions add flavour and spice to who we are. We are all beautiful. We all believe in a God who is good and loving. That is when it is time to leave the nest to go out of the self and fall in love with the other.

The Leap of Faith

We are here to experience His divine love. The only way to experience love is by becoming it.

We all are so focused about what is wrong with ourselves and each other, which is giving evil the power!

We are in darkness but choose to live in the light.
We are physical beings but choose to live in the spiritual.
We make mistakes but choose to see what is good.
We are selfish but choose to be selfless.
We are afraid but choose to love.

Be Set Free

We choose to live in God by choosing love and seeing Him in the other. When we see the good that is in ourselves and the other we are able to see God in the darkness. We see that everything is a unique piece of Him muddied up and bogged down with all the dysfunction of a world that doesn’t know any better.

If we see Him, we bring Him.

When we learn to lose control of the ego, the dogma, and the structure, we see that marriage is an unknown. Marriage is a leap of faith in trusting in the power of God that allows Him the control.

We are brothers and we are sisters here to connect the love that we know in each other. We are one soul that hates being separated by darkness where evil can only thrive. We desire oneness to unite all our parts. God wants to be one with us.

Together we are God’s heart. He is the brain; the ONE consciousness that unites our thoughts and our desires together again but we all are free to choose to be in love. When the marriage between us and the Spirit of God is balanced, the Son of God will be born who is complete light, complete goodness, who has always been here, who we fail to see. There is no time with God. There is only the time it takes for us to know our truth that we are love.

We can trust that we will succeed because the Spirit became flesh. We had to have overcome the sin of darkness, otherwise He would not have been born. Today, it is up to us to reveal the Spirit of Him in each other.

The man and the woman become complete.

We become one Adam.

We are God’s Bride.

For your Maker is your husband,
The Lord of hosts is His name;
And your Redeemer is the Holy One of Israel;
He is called the God of the whole earth.
Isaiah 54:5

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Artwork: Spirit and the Bride by Dolores Develde

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