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Not Alone

The Garden of Eden was a perfect place until it was corrupted by sin. But why would God tell us this story? Why is it so important to know about two people who were perfect but then became imperfect?

Exiled from the Garden

I write a lot about Adam and Eve and the Garden because I want to understand this story. I want to understand who Adam and Eve was. It is important to understand them as we all evolved from them. With the chaos of the way the world is today, it seems almost impossible that we would ever return back to that perfect place.

There obviously is something that we are not understanding about ourselves.

The Desert

We all are lost, in the beginning. We are exiled from our lover who is the perfect Adam. Adam is the complete image of God. Adam never wanted to be alone because being ONE is only experienced and contained in the self. There is nothing other than the self. God is the self.

While it would be great to be complete and perfect, the garden still was not perfect. It was not perfect because oneness lacked the understanding of who the one is. Oneness cannot know who it is without an image that reflects the one.

Oneness is experienced in duality through a mirror image or through its opposite.

God is love but love contained is not experienced. It is alone.

And the LORD God said, “It is not good that man should be alone; I will make him a helper comparable to him.”

Genesis 2:18

If it is not good for man to be alone then it is not good for God to be alone. God created humanity because He did not want to be alone — We are His image.

The Adam

When Adam and Eve sinned they became confused. Their perception of reality changed. They no longer were the image of God, who is love; they became the image of themselves and their darkness. Adam and Eve were in love, but when they sinned, they began to hate each other. They blamed each other for their mistakes and from then on, they created the opposite of what they were created to be. They created the darkness that they were in. They no longer saw their light because they could only see their darkness.

The Switch

It was meant to be that humanity, or Eve, who is exiled from her perfect Adam, create darkness because darkness must be created first to be able to understand the opposite.

Humanity has to know that without God, we are darkness. We are nothing and can do nothing without God so He is everything. When we understand who we are, that is when the “me” dies because we want everything to be about God.

God needs us to experience feeling complete. He wants us to know that we need Him. We have free choice, so we need to want to love Him.

Eve is exiled from her lover who is the perfect image of God. She is here trying to find Him to restore herself back to Him and be back in the perfect garden. He is the light who we birth in this world of darkness through our unconditional love for the other.

We have never truly been separated from God because He has always been here in us — We just fail to acknowledge Him in ourselves and in our reflection who is the other.

In The Garden

He is life,
A great, mystical tree,
Symbolic in nature,
Eternally free.
She is root,
Hidden, deep below,
With a foundation enduring,
She is a mystery to know.
Combined is the essence of Him.
Revealed is the depth of love Divine,
Captured, perfectly, over a history of time.
Good and bad,
Back to their own identity.
As it was in the garden,
The One tree of serenity.

I am a rock in a hard place. I love Jesus and have always believed in Him as Messiah. Believing in Jesus is believing in the Jew. I believe humanity is masculine and feminine energy but we do not become masculine energy until we understand what love is. Love is contained in the perfect Adam. If we know who He is, we will find ourselves. We have to die to the “me” completely because this world does not love God first. The more selfless we become, the more we see that it isn’t about us. Everythng is all about Him. We need to get out of ourselves by fully emersing ourselves in the spirit of God who is in all of us. We need to want to understand God in all of ourselves to see that there is really only ONE.

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