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The Natural Order of Things

When I give to you, I am masculine. When I receive from you, I am feminine. We all are energy contained in physicality. We are not our body. We operate through a vessel, which is our body. We are either masculine or feminine energy. The spirit is energy.

We can be either negative or positive energy. If we are receiving energy we are negative. If we are giving energy, we are positive. We are here to find a balance between giving and receiving of energy. We are learning how to become ONE.

The Science

Science is the universe. It is a bunch of codes, systems, and laws. When the laws are respected, order and the natural way of things can be restored.

We should always be giving and receiving, equally. Humanity is physicality, which is feminine energy that is receiving. God is spirituality, which is masculine energy that is giving.

If we love God, we are in a relationship with Him that is constant. We need to build this relationship because our physicality is dominant on earth. Physicality only receives for the self — It is negative energy. God only gives for the other — It is positive energy.

Awareness of God

When we believe in God we are always seeking to understand Him. The feminine, which is humanity, can choose to love God. She has free will. When the feminine chooses to love God through every action of the day, in every thought, conversation, and interaction; she is constantly receiving from God.

It is not easy to constantly receive from God because it takes time to have His awareness. You have to constantly seek and seek what is good in everything that you see or hear throughout your day. Every interaction is teaching you something that means you must make a choice. If you choose to react positively by taking what you see or hear and then finding the good in it, you have the power to change curses into blessings. You have the power to elevate physicality into spirituality.

The Switch

You have the power to change negative energy into positive. When we constantly choose to react in a positive way, we become masculine energy.

Feminine energy has to go against physicality, which is dominant on earth, to choose to love the spiritual energy more by making Him dominant. She must choose God in every little interaction she is in and then God will trust her that she can make good choices. If we are unbalanced energy that only receives for only the self, never giving from God, then we become sick, unhappy and unsatisfied, as we are oppressing the natural order of things.

Oneness is a journey. The more connected we train ourselves to be with God, the more connected we will be with one another.

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