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A Different Kind Of Love

We can never think that we are in control. We can hear when we listen to our heart that follows Him. We follow that voice because it is directing our will that is in love.

We Love God

If we are in love, we are in God. God is love. God is our love. Our will becomes His will. We are in a marriage with the divine.

Physical and spiritual merge forming an exciting, poetic romance. Fire and water are consumed in a dance with one another; they are careful not to touch. Danger ignites. A wanting to surrender completely. A deeper web of passion. So close, so far. The attraction is equally the same.

Our Husband

A marriage so sacred it is holy. At its core is the holies of holies — it is ONE. He is with us every single minute of the day. His presence can only be subtly known. We have to want. We have to seek. We have to find that He is right here, always, standing there supporting every detail, every minuscule of who we are. He only loves. He is here experiencing us.

He is in love too.

Waiting ever so patiently…

We are forever learning and growing into a deeper love. We know nothing because He is who only knows — We are only here to learn.

We are learning love. Learning how to be love because He is love. He is love first. First, He loved me.

We are becoming love. Love is the action, the spark, and then the fire. Love is the only correct answer. Love is the only choice to be made.

The Opponent

The other is here to create a fire. Our perspectives are different but are meant to be understood in a way that elevates the soul, the ONE, the heart that is what unites all. We are brothers and sisters. Oil and water. We do not mix. We are young. We are learning. We are kept separate. We are a different kind of love.

In Love

Love is not from the human. Love is learned. From evil, we learn to be good. To choose good, to choose to love is selfless. It means one is in love. It means one is in God.

We are not in control unless we are in love. The only way out of this place is to be in the other. We know nothing except to know how to love. He is who makes us complete.

He is our love who taught us what love is.

He is who we are in love with.

Who we are in truth, is love…

One Love

Lend me your hand as we stare at the sky,
Tell me your name as we share the sunrise,
Smile at me as we soak the summer rays,
Whisper “I love you” until the end of days.
Close your eyes and listen to the waves churn,
Walk with me and from each other we will learn.
Lift me up as we climb a mountain together,
Hold me tight through all the stormy weather.
Kiss me goodnight as we slip into the dark,
Win me over as we go skipping through the park.
Follow my voice through the misty, autumn air,
Send me a prayer keeping our love that is so rare,
Sing me a tune revealing the secrets of your heart,
Be with me forever and say you’ll never part.

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