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I Made A Deal With God…

The healing power of God is within all of us.

If we are second we become first. If we love God we become like God. We become the image of God. Here in this world, no one is better than the other. The one who loves the other loves God. Love is who we are here to be.

The Curse

We all have a Yetzer Hara. The inclination or impulse to do evil is considered an essential part of our human nature in Jewish traditional belief. Within each of ourselves is a seed with the desire to sin. We each contain this desire.

In this day, it is easy to see what sin is. Sin is narcissism. In our, childlike state, it is natural to be selfish and self-centred but as we grow up we are learning what love is and how to love the other.

God has been working with us since the beginning of time trying to show us how to transform our mistakes that cause us to sin. We grow up and we learn that it isn’t all about the self anymore. We have our partners and then we have our children that we selflessly love.

But today we have all become very narcissistic. We love with an expectation for something in return. We take and take without ever giving back. This is not love because true love learns to give back.

A Corrupt World

The world is backwards. We have not learned to grow up. Instead, we are all stuck in ourselves unhappy with each other because we all have become narcissistic. We do not love God. We do not love the other.

The only way to overcome our Yetzer Hara is if we recognize that we all have one and then stop feeding it. We have to go against what we do selfishly and make the hard choice to ensure that the other’s needs are met first. The other is our other self because we are all one.

The Suffering Servant

Jew and non-Jew are here to serve one another. Masculine and feminine, are giving and receiving equally. If we give and receive selfishly, this world will always be in constant turmoil, chaos, and confusion. We are ONE, so how we treat each other, ultimately, affects the self, which is the whole.

The truth about who we really are is that we are love. We are here to be in love with one another. We are here to experience the highest pleasure, which is His divine love. We transform our Yetzer Hara to the Shekinah Glory of God every time we are considerate of the other. The more we are aware of our Yetzer Hara and transform by choosing to love the other; the more the Yetzer Hara dies and the more we desire to love as being our natural state.

We become the image of God, who is our love for one another. We are here to help each other. We are in one another — I am in you and you are in me.

I know because the man and the woman are ONE.

If I only could, I’d make a deal with God and I’d get Him to swap our places…

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