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I Spy With My Little Eye

Part of the problem is that we don’t admit our faults. As a default, we even lie to ourselves. When we are given a challenge we can even manipulate our information to convince ourselves differently then actually facing the hard truth.

God’s Truth Prevails

The human is narcissistic in nature. From birth, we are taught that it is all about the self and to protect the self. As soon as we are born, we let out a cry stating, “It is all about me! Me! Me! Me!!!”

What we eventually learn is how to get out of the self. We learn that it isn’t just all about me as we realize we are sharing our life with another — That is when we grow up.

Life teaches us to be lovers, or that is what it is supposed to do.

We find a partner and we fall in love. Through our love for one another, we create duplicates of our selves — and on and on we go. Always selflessly loving the other…

But do we, really?

Do we actually learn what life is trying to teach us? Do we actually get out of our selves?

In this day, relationships are the most confusing because most don’t understand who the self is. We are not confident even in our own selves to be able to love the other.

Love is selfless but what is confusing is that love can also be taken for granted. Love can be used and abused. That is when, those who are lovers, should protect the self because it is not right to give to them who have not done the same work on themselves. We need healthy boundaries.

It is expected that a child is selfish and reliant on the other but as we grow up we learn to serve the other. We become more compassionate to the others needs as we become more independent.

God’s World

In God’s world, we move from our dependent child to become independent adults. We are confident in the self. We do not harbor unhealthy attachments with others because we know the self. We do not accept the world’s selfish view as we can see its dysfunction and do not want to be a part of it.

The earthly world is attached to the lowest part of the self. It is attached to what is physical and to the experience of pleasure for the individual self even at the expense to the other. The world view does not care if it’s selfishness has implications to anyone else. The earthly world view is completely selfish. It protects the small identity of the individual at all costs, therefore, encapsulating it in darkness because it denies being a part of anything else.

As a default, humanity is narcissistic in the beginning as it learns to become empathetic throughout it’s lifetime. If we fight to stay narcissistic, we do not grow up, and cannot understand the secret of God who is the light revealed through our love for one another.

God stays a secret to the narcissist because God in the other is completely denied through the thoughts and actions of the narcissistic self. The narcissist cannot identify with anyone other than himself and his needs, therefore, is in complete darkness.

Religion vs Spirituality

We are all on the same path to knowing God. We are all in a desert in search of good food to nourish our bodies and fresh water to rejuvenate our soul. In God-like fashion, God will allow our darkness to create an unpleasant experience for all of us here on earth to push us to see His truth. Our resistance to becoming love affects us all negatively. God allows us to feel the opposite of Him so that we will choose Him who is unconditional and selfless love. When we choose to be like God then we will not have to experience the repercussions of our defiance to His truth.

We are here to experience God’s divine love by making love with the other, which creates a child who is the light of God.

Even religion is narcissistic as religion teaches the self to love the self only. Religion teaches us to hate the other — which is blasphemy and a blatant contradiction of God!

In our narcissistic blindness we accept our child self’s understanding more than what we can admit is truth. By now though, we should know the self, and should feel confident to move out of our narcissism to begin our new life, on our own, that we create with another.

We are completely grounded in our individual, grown-up identity that we feel confident to be able to live separately from the old, immature, narcissistic self.

The Road to Freedom

Venturing out of the self into the other is how we become free. We leave our darkness to experience His light. We are leaving the old earthly realm to enter into the Promised Land.

We are entering into the other but always remaining true to the grown-up self. We never loose our identity because we stand strong in it. We are like spies who can spy on the other to know if it is safe to proceed or if we should consider making healthy boundaries.

We can judge appropriately to decide where our boundaries should be.

We are one but that is marriage and that is when everything is perfect, so it is coming in the future. We are becoming…

There is no time with God. There is only the time it takes for all of us to flip our switch from our narcissistic, immature child to growing up into a loving, compassionate, empathetic adult.

That is when, together, we grow out of our darkness and become His light; we become good, we become love, we become truth, as our love for Him defines who we are, and, so, we become one.

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