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Seeing The Bigger Picture

We are physical beings first. Physicality is what we know. We identify physically. What we don’t identify with is spirituality. Spirituality is our opposite. The learning journey we all are on, from birth, is to learn that we really are spiritual beings.

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience.”

– Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

The Kingdom of Heaven

There are two worlds. Humanity is in a world of duality. God is in a world of ONE. To be in the world of God we have to understand that we are one with Him. But how do we understand that we are a spirit that is just contained in a body? How do we understand what we don’t know?

In God’s world, He is first. In our world, physicality is first. Physicality is attached to the identity of the body. It is our first instinct to protect the body at all costs. This is the animal, natural, self.

The Leap of Faith

But God is teaching us that the only way to get out of our physical body is to make a leap of faith and get into the other; our spiritual body. Our spiritual body is all of us.

God gives us the experience to understand who He is. We are not darkness so we know we are here to understand what is light. Light is truth. Light means our eyes are opened. Light means we are seeing with wisdom the spiritual part of who we are.

We also realize that we are not truly evil. But in our darkness, we are committing evil. We are in ignorance until we realize that we are here to be good. We all are like children who are learning with a great Father who loves us unconditionally.

The Marriage Contract

When we realize that the real part of ourselves is spiritual, we see that we are actually in a committed relationship with God. It is not physically oppressive because it is the complete opposite. God is teaching us what love is but to know love, first, we had to learn the opposite.

We had to learn our physical identity first because you cannot know the other until you know the first part of your identity. We are physical, we are darkness, we are evil.

The Chosen Son

When we know who we are, we can know the other. God shows us that we are like two people. We are like the first two people on earth. Adam is the perfect image of God. God is only love and can only love unconditionally. Eve is like humanity. In her darkness, she found herself physically in her Adam too soon. A son was born in this darkness who created all of us. It created the darkness that we needed to know first before we could know what is light.

We all aspire to be like our perfect Adam but the only way we can move out of this sixth day into the seventh is if we learn to be in the other equally understanding that we are the same.

When we learn to be in the other we can see that the bigger picture is actually looking at things very small. There is only man and woman, Jew and Gentile but both are ONE.

Whether we like it or not we are both in each other.

Now, we already understand what it is that a man and a woman do. We are the opposite and are constantly pushing and pulling into one another. We are vibrating and creating energy whether it is good or bad.

When we understand who we really are, then things become easy. It is because we finally respect the rules of the game and appreciate the laws of the land. We now see that we are divine beings here just having a physical experience. We all wanted to have this experience because we all wanted to experience the greatest love. The greatest love only makes love and that creates a child.

The only way we could have ever known is if we experienced the other.

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