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My Adam is Perfect

The story of us is uniquely told when we identify with the two very first people on earth. They were created in the image of God. Adam is life, the image of lasting life that is never-ending and Eve is the tree of knowledge of good and evil, here to learn the difference.

Humanity is like Eve. She can choose. We all are trying to understand who we are by looking into a mirror and seeing what is reflected. If you like me then you validate who I am. This is who we are and validation is what we are looking for. We all want to be loved.

We all are here validating each other. We do not think that we are good because we sin. Because of sin we are seeming forever lost in a cyclic of circumstances that appear to be taking us to nowhere land.

The Lie

We are all like her, the woman. We are all in exile from our man because we have forgotten who we are. We all have forgotten that God made us perfect. We all have to die to the lie and CHOOSE our truth before we can be reborn into the image of who we really are.

The only way we can ever truly die is if we completely surrender to living life with love.

In this place, there is no evil. We cannot look at anyone and think they are evil because if we do then we still have evil inside of us.

We have to hold to the truth that every single one of us, man or woman, Jew or Gentile, are all in exile. We all are lost until we see our perfect image in front of us.

We have been haters.

How can we be love if we hate? Do not sell yourself short because we all are created in the image of God! We all are His image; however, we continue to tell ourselves that we are not! Why do we tell ourselves that we are not in the image of God when God Himself tells us that we are?

We cannot forgive our sins.

God has forgiven us, but we have not forgiven ourselves. It is time to let go of the narcissist in every single one of us because the narcissist has been running the show all this time. The only way that we can overcome the narcissist is by not becoming him.

Only love will break the curse of evil. We cannot define God because God defines us through our love for one another. The better person reflects an image of love in the face of an evil one.

Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you

Our changed image.

The narcissist is not here to be hated. He is here to be loved. The narcissist needs the most love from all of us because he is the most lost. The narcissist is in the darkest of all dark places. Everyone thinks it is okay to hate the narcissist but the minute you hate you have become him!

We are not the narcissist and we don’t want to become him either, so we need to become love and love our Adam because Adam is our perfect image of God.

We are all fragments of the perfect Adam — Look hard and you will see Him!

That is when we will overcome our darkness and become His light. That is when His light will be born for the whole world to finally see who the image of God really is.

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