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The Two Worlds That We Created

In the beginning, everything seemed perfect. But it really wasn’t perfect because we did not know what perfect is. We did not know what was good. We just were. We were like the angels who can only do and be good. We were robotic because we didn’t know we had choice.

We wanted to know. So, this is how we had to do it. We had to create our darkness first. We are both. We are like the tree of knowledge of good and evil. We wanted to know and be like God, so we had to know what perfect is. The only way we could ever know is if we made a mistake.

Our mistake happened innocently. We are in love but when love has not completely matured we are not ready to be together in the physical yet. We are one and we just wanted to be one. So that is when our son was born. We birthed this wicked world of darkness that has confused us both so much.

The Sixth Day

We will never complete the sixth day and have rest from all our work until we know. We all need to know who we really are. We need to become like the man…

Now we know the darkness. We also know that we are not it! We know we have to rise above all these mistakes that we have made and all of the pain we have caused one another. We know that we are good.

For now, we live in two separate worlds. We are good and we are bad. But when we know we are good we wake up to the reality of who we really are. Goodness is not separate from itself — It is one. The more we wake up to knowing who we really are the stronger our light will become and we know. When one knows, we all know. We are in one another. We are one, unlike the darkness that we created that separately stays confined to itself.

Goodness is one. Goodness speaks to each other without words. Truth is universal and the truth is a part of all of us. When we speak to God we speak to God who is the goodness in all of us. What we desire is becoming us.

Pray for those who are still asleep1 Corinthians 15:18

You and I are not two because in truth we are one. Today, we start creating our new world — together. We are in love but this time our love is real. Our love births the beautiful blessing of light.

In awe and wonder, this world will finally be able to see…

Just A Girl

I’m just a girl,
Who falls in love with a boy.
We have a relationship,
From childhood.
We are like a brother and a sister.
He is my big brother.
Sometimes he plays rough with me,
But we have fun together,
Despite our differences.
We are older now,
And he is annoying me.
He thinks he knows everything,
But eventually I realize that I love him.
And it goes deeper than that,
I want to marry him,
I want to be with him forever.

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