Encourgement, Faith

The Lovers, The Dreamers, and Me

We are dreamers because we live in a world that is not physical. We are faithful because we will always believe in our perfect world even when the rest of the world has stopped believing in it. We are the weak made strong by those who have oppressed us. We are the sheep that follow the shepherd because we know and hear his voice.

Do not worship an image — Exodus 20:4

Why is it so important that we do not worship an image? I believe it is because the physical image is the lowest level of the human being. Our inherited, animalistic self is more attached to the physical need to protect itself over loving the other. In this world, physicality is dominant. Humanity is physical, feminine energy that is opposite from the spiritual, masculine energy of God. In our darkness, we are very disconnected from the other side of ourselves, which is spiritual. We are physical beings but our truth is found in who we are spiritually. God is the opposite of physical, darkness, and the inclination to do evil. God is only spiritual, light, and can only do good.

Become What You Love

We are physical beings who love God. Whatever we love we become. God gives us an example of Himself through experiencing the deepest most intimate connection between a man and a woman in love. Think about this: in love and what in love must mean. If God is love then the man and woman both love God. They are in love.

Like a man and a woman are ONE. If the man loves the woman, he becomes the woman in a sense because he can put himself in her shoes to understand why she makes the choices that she does and vice versa. When we can put ourselves in the shoes of God, so to say, we can understand what love is and how God loves us. The more we understand God’s love, the more we can become love to know how to love the other.

I understood this idea of the man and woman becoming ONE because a friend of mine was telling me how his parents who were up in age were now like each other. They were equally sharing the roles of each other and had even switched their masculine/feminine roles in their elder years.

Let’s face it, today there is not much difference between male and female roles. We both have proved that we can be one another. The man and the woman have become one another. We all can do each other’s roles, man or woman, Jew or Gentile. But do we equally complement each other the same? Is one more dominant than the other? Is one more sensitive towards the other’s needs? Is one taking or the other giving more?

Masculine vs Feminine Energy

Life is designed to teach us something. When we learn the complement we can see God in our image. That is because we can see that all our good intentions and work has been fruitful. We become a blessing. The light of God is now revealed.

There are two roles or energies at work all around us that we need to learn how to become aware of so we can know how to react to them in a way that becomes a positive reaction for the whole. We can choose to become either a complement or become oppressive to the other. We are either a helper that helps the world evolve into something greater and more functional or we are a helper that slows each other down, creating even more dysfunction.

We all are givers and receivers.

Giving is masculine and receiving is feminine. If we give in an oppressive manner, we are being selfish and are operating in our physicality or ego that does not believe in God. This is not love because it is not respectful of the other because its only concern is for the individual self.

If we give in a loving way that is considerate, respectful, and desires to help the other, then we are becoming like God who only unconditional loves. Giving to the other with a purpose to help the other positively is giving from His masculine, spiritual energy that is seen in the part of humanity that chooses God, so chooses to become the image of God. The feminine is the receiver. She gets to decide how she wants to react to what she has received. She can choose to become the image of God if she gives back in a loving way or become ego if she protects her own self-identity.

Every single relationship around us is designed to reveal who we love. We all are here with the challenge to give and receive equally to one another. The goal is to achieve perfect harmony and balanced.

“The first man Adam became a living being.” The last Adam became a life-giving spirit.

1 Corinthians 15:45

The spirit of Adam comes back in all of us who believe. When we love God we become the image of God. We birth His light.

Humanity is like Eve, we choose to eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, but if we choose to love God, we choose the tree of life to become the man, Adam, or the image of God.

This journey is showing us that, in truth, we are married to God. Our marriage is a union between the physical and spiritual. To be married is to be ONE. This means we choose to be in love. We cannot be whoever we think we should be for the sake of our selfish needs and think we can have love or be ONE. Love goes beyond the self because love is just as concerned for the other as the individual self knowing that the other is a reflection of the self.

Dream BIG

The place of balance is the perfect place we are trying to define together. When we have a perfect union with the other then we experience peace, healing, and love. In this place, everything is working in tandem like clockwork because we all have the same desires for the other. Here, everyone has their needs met.

We can empower the other by being a complement that helps.

And the LORD God said, “It is not good that man should be alone; I will make him a helper comparable to him.”

Genesis 2:18

God Doesn’t Have a Face

The goal is to bring the spirit of the Messiah here on Earth by birthing His light seen through our love for one another — This is the whole purpose of mankind. We are here to learn to see and hear outside of our physicality. We are the feminine energy of humanity who is in love with the masculine energy of God. We are spiritual beings that are not separate from one another but are ONE. What we do selfishly always affects the other in a negative way. We are not created to be selfish beings, and will never be truly happy until we learn to be who we really are created to be.

We are all here learning how to be the image of God…

Rainbow of Colours

Here we are all a spectrum of light making up a rainbow,
A full circle rainbow of colour:
Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet.
Each is a vessel of colour contained in each colour of the rainbow.
The vessel is black.
White is all around the full circle of colour.
Endless light surrounding a rainbow of colour,
Is aware of its colour within the colours,
And is turning white.

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