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The Yetzer Hara and Shekinah Glory

We live in two worlds. That is because God reveals Himself in an image. Why does it seem that God is so confusing? Why can’t we just have ONE and be done with it all?

I believe we all had a say in it. I believe, we all agreed and even signed up for this.

The Game

We want to experience. We all don’t realize it but we are all here to experience pure pleasure.

By the way, I get my information from the Bible, including the New Testament and from Kabbalah. I am a non-Jew who is trying to understand the Jew that I believe in that started this whole obsession of mine.

I am an empath. An empath is good at reading the other. She is insecure and it has been hard for her to communicate. I am the type that likes to sit in a room and say nothing until I am done studying it.

I study the Jews and the world and what is going on with all of us. I see the many different perspectives that we all have, yet, I believe we are all the same because we all were created by the exact same God.

The Image

We are trying to understand our image, not realizing that the image is always a reflection of who we are. How we perceive the other is actually a perception of ourselves.

We are physical beings trying to understand a spiritual one. The other thing we do wrong is that we don’t know how to prioritize. If we look at our history we can learn from it. All our disorganization stems from us not knowing what should be a priority. If we prioritize correctly then everything else falls into place.

How to be in love.

To be in love we have to love the other. Our whole lives are about loving the other. We love our parents, then our husbands or our wives. Then we have children and now we love them. We are on a learning journey on learning that God is love.

To become love we have to love the other.

The confusion happens when we believe that we are not all one family. Every single person who is in your environment is a part of your image. How you treat them is a reflection of who you are.

If we treat everyone equally with the same love and respect then our image will be in the image of God who is love. We will experience the greatest pleasure because it is our truth to be in love.

The Yetzer Hara

The yetzer hara is our darkness. We are like Eve, the woman because she has the ability to choose from her evil inclination. She has choice.

But if the woman chooses to be love then she chooses to love the other who is Adam who is the image of God.

When we love the other we become the other, so we become like Adam.

“The first man Adam became a living being.” The last Adam became a life-giving spirit.

1 Corinthians 15:45

We will never hear one another until we learn to love the Jew.

The Two Worlds

There are two worlds that we live in: we can live in the self (physical) or we can live in the other (spiritual).

Ultimately, we are one, which means we are all the woman who is in the man, Adam, the image of God. We are one brain that loves the other with one heart.

But for now, we are not balanced. Because we are selfish and do not love the other, we are not balanced. As a result, we have a corrupt world that is full of chaos, dysfunction, pain, and suffering.

All Jews and non-Jews remain in exile from the Garden of Eden or Israel until we learn to become the one Jew.

As a consequence, we experience pain instead of pleasure. When we learn to unite our heart as one then we will have the pleasure of God’s divine love that we came here to have.

That is when we overcome our yetzer hara or our darkness and become the shekinah glory, the light of God that illuminates to the rest of the world who is still in darkness.

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