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Shekinah Freedom: The Empress of Love Reveal

The beginning starts off as darkness. Even before we leave our mother’s womb we are in darkness. Then we enter this unusual world, open our eyes for the very first time, and from then on, we are trying to figure out what that light is.

The earth was without form, and void; and darkness was on the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters. Then God said, “Let there be light”; and there was light.

Genesis 1:2-3

The story of us includes everything from the very beginning of time until now. Who we are is not just our small individual identities. Our true identity is reflected in every part of this world that we are all creating as ONE.

We are Darkness

God gave us this place to freely do as we wish to do. Together we are learning who Adam is. He is the light that is in all of us. He is who is birthed when we surrender our hearts to Him. He is the image of God who we desire to become. He is the man who unconditionally loves the woman.

Together we are defining the light through our darkness. We are the heart of Adam. The man and the woman are one in the other.

The Heart of God

Like the intimacy between a man and a woman, whatever we love, we become. If we desire to know the light, we will be in love with the light. The light is revealed when we love the light in the other. Humanity is like the woman, Eve. She is exiled because of sin. She roams around aimlessly looking for her light. The land is a dry, barren, desert. Because she loves the light, she is becoming the light.

She is becoming the man.

From the beginning of time until now, humans are like children — At our young age, we did not know any better. In our nativity, we have created the darkness that is necessary to know first to be able to see and know the light. We experience love by being in love with the light who is reflected in the image of our darkness.

The light has always been here since the beginning of time waiting to be seen. The light is waiting for the darkness to reveal it.

Darkness is our helper.

We are Light

Humanity needs to be ready to receive the light.

The light has been contained and protected in our physicality until the right time for it to be divinely revealed.

He is in all of us but we see Her in the other.

The Wedding Day is Here

Beautifully adorned in white satin, lace, and pearl-beaded, shimmering sequence. At Her waist; a long chapel train skirt gathers behind Her.

A sheer, satin veil slightly conceals until the long-awaited full reveal.

The Groom waits patiently under a ribbon, flowered canopy at the end of the aisle. Wide-eyed, He notices Her. She has just appeared and is about to take her very first steps down a red-carpeted walkway. All stand to see her coming twisting their bodies looking back marvelling at Her awe and fantastic beauty.

The wedding ceremony prelude music begins…

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