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You Can’t Have ONE Without The Other

God is in everything. He is omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent. God is all-powerful and not subject to any physical limitations. Being omnipotent, God has power over wind, water, gravity, physics, etc. God’s power is infinite, or limitless. Omniscience means all-knowing. Omnipresent means that God is capable of being everywhere at the same time. His divine presence encompasses the whole of the universe (from Study.com). He is pure, untainted, absolute love.

God is ONE and not two.

God uses the story of two people in a perfect garden to give us humans a visual example of who we are before we made our first mistake. It is very hard for the physical (humanity) to identify with the spiritual (God). How can we even accept that we are one with God? What does it mean to be the image of God?

God and humanity are ONE.

God is like the man and the woman, the woman came out of the man — they are ONE. The woman is in the man and the man is in the woman.

Humanity is seemingly separate from God because our physicality keeps us from knowing we are also in the other. We are also spiritual. Our physical bodies encapsulate our spirit, which is the actual breath of God that gives us life!

In Genesis we can read:

And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living being.

Genesis 2:7

Humanity relates to God through a duality. To experience God it is necessary to experience what isn’t. We are bound in our physicality but are here to learn our spirituality. We are all on a life journey that is teaching us to love. We are growing and learning who we really are. We are evolving into better people, albeit it may not seem that way sometimes.

God is Love

We know that God is only good. Humans have free choice because of God’s unconditional love for us. He allows us to make mistakes. Mistakes are necessary to do because that is how we learn what is wrong. A mistake can teach us how to do something better.

Earth is a School

Adam and Eve are examples of who we are from the very beginning of things to where we have evolved to until now. It was necessary to create a lot of mistakes so that we could learn to do things better — we had to create darkness first. Anyone who has trauma can identify that to heal, you need to understand where the trauma began. You always need to understand what was traumatic as a child to learn how to heal from it as an adult. If we don’t connect to the source of our pain we will never be able to expose it to stop the toxic behaviour that is preventing us to grow in a more functional way. Once we are aware of what the problem is, we can heal from it by reprogramming our mind to have healthier coping strategies.

We all are traumatized in some way because anything that is not in line with who we truly are, which is the image of God, is causing us to remain unhealed and keeping us in an unbalanced dysfunction.

Humanity as a whole has a lot of trauma to heal from. We continue to be in a state of disorder and chaos by not recognizing our unhealthy ways of functioning as an individual and as a whole in society by learning to change our behavioural patterns. Humans hate change because it goes against our nature — we can only change if we do it for love. Love breaks the curse of our physicality and sets our spirit free.

The Blessing

Finding the balance between God and humanity is the Spirit of Messiah that learns to love the other seeing that the other is there to teach us who God is; therefore, our true selves in the image of God. We are here to be unconditional love to one another. Messiah is the Spirit that unites us from the duality of two extremes to an understanding that all is ONE.

Physical becomes spiritual,
Darkness becomes light,
Curse becomes blessing,
Bad becomes good...

God and humanity are in one another like the man and the woman are in one another like the Jews and the Gentiles are in one another.

When we become ONE, we choose to be the image of God by choosing to love God, which means we choose to love the other to become the man or the image of God who is the Messiah.

We become like Messiah but we can only become like him when we learn to work together with ONE heart first. Then we become ONE brain.

God is about learning and growing into a deeper awareness of love because we are here to experience heaven on earth. We are here to experience His divine love by being in love with the other. By learning to prioritize what comes first we can easily learn to live in a more functional, pleasurable, and healing way. By placing God first, we can love with our heart first to make better choices that consider the whole or the other.

We can choose to love the other with compassion because we identify as also coming from the other. We are here because we are in love with the other to experience a love that becomes only love and a living example of His divinity.

I have learned from my anxieties that were so debilitating and crippling that I was hospitalized for a while. I have spent the last thirty years of my life being driven by my anxieties to trying to understand who God (love) is. When I have peace from anxiety, I know I am in a better place. This is my journey that I write to you about. Holistically, I am completely healed. I take no medications except for Vitamin D, B12, and a multivitamin daily. I eat a healthy diet and I also exercise. I now know that when I have anxiety it is telling me that something isn’t right. Anxiety tells me that I have to change something about my environment or what I am doing. Anxiety can be a good thing if we find healthy ways to cope with it.

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