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Don’t Gotta Throne, Don’t Gotta Home… But We Got Love!

What is opposite is there to help us recognize the one we love. This is who we are. In truth, we are love. When we are love, we will know love, and then we can just be in love. If it wasn’t for you I’d be wasted. What is one without the other? Before finding you, I was just here. I was enduring a moment that didn’t seem to have any purpose…

The Experience

What does it all mean? Are we just going through the motions or is there actually a means to an end to it all? Perhaps we are just here collecting dust? Maybe we are dust? 

We are in isolation. In our own ways, we are experiencing our own religiosity, which is also keeping us here to experience God alone. But that is not good enough! We want to experience God — We want to experience pleasure. That feeling of being wasted is what is left lingering at the end of the day because we all crave the most intimate connection that is the most real, which is to experience being in love. 

In Love With God

Do not think of your life as so insignificant because our desire to actually experience the love of God is manifesting Him here on earth! Let me explain because this is something that obviously did not happen overnight. We have been manifesting Him all our lives! From the beginning until the end is the journey to finding our true self! This is what we are doing…

So, who are we?

Well, we are Gentiles. Us Gentiles are all around the perfect Jew. We all are something, whether it is a Muslim, a Christian, or a Jew… I am realizing more and more that this shell that we live in is isolationOur physicality is limiting us to the freedom that we all are so desperately trying to understand how to have. We have been in this state for far too long now that we are not even realizing what is becoming of us…

We are becoming spiritual!

Every single one of us has to go through the perfect Jew to become like Him. We are all the same, Jew and Gentile. Humanity is the woman who is in love with the perfect man who is who we all are trying to know. Do you not see that who we love we become? I love the Jew but who is the Jew? We all are trying to understand Him…

See, we have been looking at things backwards. We don’t understand that on earth, everything is opposite to what it is in heaven. The man is in heaven and the woman is on earth. We are seeing God outside of us, but He does not want to be outside — He wants to be in!

How do we make God in? Well, we do good things. The Jews call them mitzvahs. 

This is all great that we do mitzvahs and we say the haggadah and we remove the dust from our houses but what we really want to experience is freedom from all our work. We want to experience His love!!

The world is in a desperate state. We are all tired of the superficiality of life. We have done the hokie-pokie and we’ve turned ourselves around and we still don’t know what it is all about!

But we are ONE and physically cannot contain His love anymore!! Perhaps you are not aware of the beauty that is happening all around you right now? The Jew and the Gentile are becoming ONE. What we desire affects the other. We are like the man and the woman who are ONE. When we both love the same, we become ONE heart that beats in tandem that becomes louder and louder as we become closer and closer to one another.

When we trust God we become His heart and unite as ONE mind. 

You cannot get rid of the Jew like you cannot get rid of the Gentile. We are in you and you are in us.

We have to learn to experience the love that comes because we love one another — That is when Messiah is born. When we love we will see the perfect Jew who is in the balance between both of us. Messiah is in all of us. When we see Him, we all will experience what it is that we are so desperately trying to find. We will experience the heaven on earth that we feel that we should know. 

The Gentile is a lot like you but yet we are also different. We do not like religiosity because we are all about being free. We are who you are trying to define. We are your image.

You are challenged by the Gentile but the Gentile is not bad. The Gentile is here to help us recognize the Jew. The Gentile is the challenge that comes in disguise but is really here to help the other find what is love…

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