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The Heart of the Earth

We are in a time of redemption. It is Passover. The Jews all around the world are preaching redemption. I believe in the Jew. I realize, now, that whatever we love, we become.

What does redemption mean?

The Jews preach that we all are wandering in a desert looking for that correct path to the Promised Land. The Promised Land is that place where we can find eternal rest from all the dysfunction of our worldly ways. It is perfect. It is Heaven on Earth. It is back to the beginning because it is the Garden of Eden.

It isn’t a physical place. It is a spiritual place that God calls Israel. It is the place that His people find because they love Him. It is not easy to find this place because the desert is cruel, dry, and barren. Many people lose their way, as well as their faith, convincing themselves that it doesn’t even exist.

The Sign of Jonah

The world has a hard time accepting the Jew. That is because to accept the Jew, you have to accept the Jew who is in you. You have to choose to reject this world, die to your ego, and learn to love God.

People don’t want to love God. Loving God means having to do a lot of work on the self. Instead, we constantly make excuses, lie to ourselves, and each other to avoid having to come to the truth about who we really are.

Death of the individual self means finding the true self that is all of us. If we love God, we find the Jew. He is inside of all of us. Deep inside every individual self, we find this perfect place.

It is very lonely in the desert:

“I cried out to the LORD because of my affliction, And He answered me. “Out of the belly of Sheol I cried, And You heard my voice.

Jonah 2:2

The Manifestation

The first sin we committed was to know. We ate from the tree of knowledge of good and evil to know good and evil, and so, become like God — now we know. We know that God is only good; therefore, we need to choose good to be in His image. To be in His image is to be married to God in heaven.

The woman, Eve, (humanity) chooses to love the man, Adam, the Man of God (God). The woman (humanity) becomes the image of God or the Man or the Promised Land or Israel when she becomes unconditional love like God is in heaven.

When we become love, we unconditionally love all of us and allow people to be free to be who they choose to want to be.

The Resurrection of the Dead

There are two deaths that humanity must go through. Physicality is dominant for humans (ego-self), but if we love God, we choose spirituality first (God). We are one brain (God) with one heart (love). Dying to our ego is living for God.

We die to our individual ego by choosing to love God from our heart. This is the first death because we are now aware of God who is outside of the individual self. God is the Creator of everything. Seeing the good in everything is seeing God.

We have died to our ego and are now reborn in the image of God.

Dry Bones Back to Life

The heart of the earth is all of us in this physical place. We need to see the light that is in this dark place. We are the very centre of God’s own heart but we need to choose to want to be a part of Him.

Choosing to love God transforms our dark centre into His light.

Seeing His light that is in everything is seeing God. It is recognizing the Messiah who is in every single one of us — No one is better or wiser because we all reveal Him the same.

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