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The Hidden Jew

God’s love that was sent to us from up above.

Don’t sit around waiting to be saved by someone since someone already came and did that for you. We are saved. We are already ONE.

We were created in the image of God. Everything that is our reality is the image of who we are. We are a reflection of the other, so whatever we invest in is who we are. What we make in our image is our reality. What is your focus? What do you live for? What is the passion that drives you to wake up in the morning? What is it that you are living for?

Every single one of us has a different journey from the other, but in truth, we are all the same. Eventually, we find each other. We are the perfect love story that never ends.

We all do not think we are “good” enough to be used by God but we all are unique and special. It isn’t just talk — it is that way. 

ONE Consciousness

We are one. We are one Adam. I believe in the perfect Jew.

The man and the woman are ONE. The perfect Jew is the man who only loves.

The man gives and the woman receives. If we give we are the man. If we receive we are the woman. We are always either the man or the woman.

The world is all confused about masculine and feminine and the importance to have our energy balanced to understand the self.

The people who believe in the Jew see the Jew in the other. We are a remnant of believers in a world that does not believe we are ONE, that we are healed, and are the image of God.

The more we hold hands and understand we are united, the stronger that we are. If we love the Jew, we are Jewish. We all are trying to figure out what Jewish is. The Jew is love because he is the image of God.

The battle is internal and external. God is on the inside as He is on the outside. Who we are on the inside will be reflected on the outside. What we believe in is who we are.

If we love the Jew we need to see the Jew. He has been here all along but we are blind until will are the image of God who is love. Until we become love we will never see.

At the end of the sixth day, the man knows who he is. The man is created in the image of God. God is only love.

Our image is our opposite. In our opposite is our love. In darkness is light, in evil is goodness, in the physical is the spiritual, in the curse is the blessing, in the Gentile is the Jew.

The Balance

On the outside of us is God. He is the purest light and love. We are leaving our dark centre and going more and becoming more and more like our outer. The tighter we hold hands, unified, the stronger we are. We are becoming ONE thought. Soon we will have nothing to say or explain to each other because we already know what we are thinking. We understand that we are the same. We are ONE soul.

The eye of God is us. We are like a big eye. The outside is white, and then we become colour, and then complete darkness inside.

The more we love each other the tighter our circle is around that dark centre. The more of us that we are the more we go into that dark centre transforming it to colour and then white. That is what we do.

The more Jewish you are the more I love you because I love the Jew and I want to be like Him. This is what the world needs to discover. It is not so easy to see you yet because the world does not see how important it is to know the Jew. Everything in this world has always been about the Jew. No matter which way you look at things God has always loved the Jew, His only begotten Son.

If we give we are like the man because the true man only loves if he is the image of God. The woman chooses to love the man. The woman is the man and the man is the woman. They are ONE.

I believe in the perfect Jew.

He is hidden in all of us that we just have to see.

Sometimes we don’t realize what love is but we are always and forever learning it.

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