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I Will Give You Sabbath Rest

I have been on a journey to the self all my life. This is who we are. We all are on this journey. We are on a journey to healing but healing only comes if we want to discover who we are from the eye of God. We can only see our true self in the reflection of the other.

Currently, the world is mixed up about who they truly are because we do not trust the idea of God as we all dismiss that we were created by divinity. We fail to revel at the wonder and awe that is who we are because of Him. Who we are is greater than the individual self because the spirit who resides in me also resides in all of us. Together we are ONE soul as God created us equally the same.

We Are Good

You may question what I am saying to say that not all of us were created by God because God is not evil. YES! If we choose evil then we choose not to believe in God. In this day, we have a history of evil that we all have commited. We all have added to that evil pot! Not one is righteous. Together, we have a history of darkness. We know what is good but we have to want to choose to be good. We are like the woman from the beginning of time. She is like the tree of knowledge of good and evil and the man is like the tree of life. If the woman chooses to be good then she chooses to be the man and has eternal life. The man and the woman are ONE.

We have to want to choose God and not the ways of the world who hates God because we have free choice to choose to be either good or evil. God created us with the free choice to choose to love because He is love. We have the free choice to choose to be good. All of our perceptions are skewed by the perception we have of God. Because we don’t understand God (the other) we cannot understand the self. If we believe that God is love then we will believe that about ourselves too.

If we believe in God then we are here because we believe in true love. Love is what is keeping us going because we hope to find this love on earth.

We are looking for this love in the man.

The man is the self or our brain who chooses the woman who is our heart. We are one in our individuality.

The world is the man who hates God and does not love the woman. The world cannot see love because it takes love for granted. The world is a black-hole abyss taking the woman’s energy and claiming it is his.

The only thing that keeps us here is our love for God but we cannot find our love here on earth because this love is hidden. This love has to be deeply sought freely from the self. Messiah is in the self. We don’t know Messiah because the world has hated him.

The woman just wants to be ONE.

We are the woman, who is in exile. We choose to be the man. If we are the true man, then we only love the other. Our love breaks the curse from the beginning of time when we made our first choice without God. That choice birthed our darkness.

But we had to birth darkness into the world to know what is light because God loves us so much that he wanted us to choose Him freely. He wants us to experience His love by knowing love. He wants us to know that we are love.

The seventh day is the Sabbath day. The true man is the seventh day. The seventh day only loves. Here, in this day, all our work is done and we know the self. We know Messiah. We are with him and have found our rest. The seventh day is Shekina because it is when we see the glory of God in one another. That veil is lifted from both of our faces, so we see each other for who we really are.

"Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For My yoke is easy and My burden is light." 

We Are Healed

Our curse of darkness is broken. Through our love for one another, we birth His light into the world. Messiah is truth. Messiah is who we are because we believe in the good in one another. We are home.

The man makes the woman.

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