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We Cannot Repair the World with Bandaids

I am finding that Judaism, especially The Kabbalah Centre, is preaching messages that sound very Christian. It is great to see how we are becoming ONE! The Christian message often explains how we need to be humble, watch our ego, be kind, be grateful, and be respectful. All these character traits are admirable, for sure.

The Superficialities

I left Christianity because of superficiality. I wanted to identify with something deeper. Everything was about this great man, Jesus, but I wanted to understand who He was. I wanted to connect to the source. When we connect to the source of how things are supposed to be then it is easy to be humble, kind, grateful, and respectful. When we are true to our truth then we are in our natural state and do not have to fight with anyone anymore. We can just be ourselves.

The Healing

The world today is not balanced. Because we all consider ourselves to be separate identities who do not see how we are one with the other; we do not see how we are affecting each other, in turn, keeping things out of balance.

We can see how this is happening not only with the self but also with all the systems in the world that then contradict the other systems. Overall we have one system (the world) that is failing because of the self. This dysfunction is very obvious within the healthcare system that I work in. I am sure you can also relate because this is a worldwide issue.

Our focus has always been about the self or the system that we work in. We want our system to work well but do not care about how we affect the other systems negatively around us. The self or the individual each has a system as we all identify to our environment uniquely in how we choose. We all have a family, job, religion, and community that we belong to. We all are a system. But we all are only concerned that our own system will run well. How can one system run well if we do not consider how our choices affect other systems?

The self is in a whole state when it is working in balance with its environment. The self or system can operate perfectly if it is always ensuring that its function is that it is working positively with whoever is receiving it.

Medication and Surgery

These are bandaids. The world has gotten used to being told to take a pill for every ailment out there. We believe we are unbalanced and can only be unbalanced. We believe in a lie that is not God. Maybe we have convinced ourselves that we are unbalanced because we do not want the discomfort of changing our ways? Instead, we opt for medications and surgery to be our saviour and keep our bad habits.

Medication and surgery are great things we can do for ourselves and other people but it really should only be considered as a last resort to the problem. The self is taking the system for granted to solely rely on them for a remedy.

Underlining medical issues often can be treated holistically even as simple as a change in diet or exercise. When something is not right with our body we should be trying to find a reason why instead of accepting the worldly view that we cannot be healed naturally. I believe the world should be a perfect Garden of Eden because I believe in God. But is my belief naive and a fairy-tale? I am the only one? Don’t we believe in God?

Our Belief

All this writing I do is because I want to share the truth that I have found. I want to challenge the systems, such as religion. If religion is the truth then why not expose its hypocrisies? Why does religion not love the other? If God allows free choice and we are His image, why does religion try to control other religions by making them the same? Christianity and Judaism reject me because I love both equally and the same. It seems I annoy people because I love both of them? How stupid is that? It is crazy enough just to realize that this is the way the world is. Since I have begun my writing, I struggle to find support. Where is the support? Really? Is it because I did not say Jesus enough or is it because I said his name too much?

The Miracle

I was a broken, unconfident person only because I believed in the world. Believing in the world nearly killed me because it kept telling me not to believe in God or myself. But I’ve always challenged the things that did not line up with what I was understanding about God. I never stayed in one relationship, church, or one job. If it no longer served me then I no longer served it.

If you have been following my story, you will know that I used to be very sick. I almost even died. The world told me I needed toxic medications and even an operation that I now wish I would not have agreed to. Then, my career in nursing became challenging as it pushed me into toxic places, which started affecting me negatively. I began to realize that the stress of that job was slowly killing me. After two years of fighting with that system, I sadly accepted that I was not going to win that fight. I see now that healing sometimes means making tough changes.

Be Empowered by God

Every one of us has been created by God and is in His image. We all are divine. We need to believe in Him to believe in ourselves. We can choose to either be a spark of His light or continue to contribute to the darkness of this world. We have to choose what we want to live for. The world is in direct opposition to God. The world is the lie that has been telling us not to believe in God or ourselves.

Do you believe in a dysfunctional worldly program that does not love the other or do you believe in God?

Do we continue to lie to ourselves believing that the world knows better than God? Do we believe in our religions that only love themselves?

The Passive-Aggressive

You might think that keeping quiet and remaining neutral is the way to go but it isn’t. There is a holocaust going on in the world. We have an opportunity to make our system better by doing something about it. Our environment is our identity and the reality that we choose. The injustice begins in the self. When the self is balanced with truth it no longer accepts a lie.

Narcissism is a black hole of emptiness. The old mentality to protect the self operates from a state of fear instead of love. To love is trusting God. This world is at rock-bottom. The only way to get out of here is to change our old thinking program. We need to stop relying on bandaids that are no longer holding things together to solve our problems.

We are here, in this world, together.

Our purpose is to take care of this world and all that is in it. We are here to live life believing in God, not in the world. We are ambassadors of God in everything we do. You are His ambassador. Your system is your reality. Everything we do needs to be done with the awareness that we are doing it for Him.

This life is how you choose to live it.

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