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The Third Eye: Quantum Perception

We had to have started somewhere, so we know we were Adam. We were only ONE in one body. In that perfected state we were heaven on earth, in a sense, but we had no way of knowing how to understand what “heaven” is. We needed an opportunity to understand what heaven feels like.

We are a Soul

If we do something that is bad then we know what the opposite feels like. The opposite of bad is good. It is bad to touch the stove because it is hot and it will burn. It is good not to touch the stove. Commandments are good because they teach us boundaries and help us understand how to protect ourselves and each other.

The Quantum Leap

Adam is a brain and a heart. The brain and the heart are meant to work as a team in balance with one another. As only ONE, Adam is not able to experience love because as only one being there is no opposition, so how can Adam know what love feels like? Adam can only love himself. That is why Eve was made. She is a “helper” that helps Adam understand who he is.

Eve is a part, taken from Adam. She is his heart. The brain is masculine while the heart is feminine and can also be compared to the two hemispheres of our brain, left and right. The male brain goes from front to back, north to south, God to self, heaven to earth. “Genes and hormones set the ball rolling, but they do not fully account for sex differences in children’s brains. Experience also plays a fundamental role.” Zero to Three

The female brain goes from side to side, east to west, from self to the other. The positive experience of love creates more pathways that go side to side because the brain is learning to love the other, left and right side, or brain and heart. The gap between the two is connected when one loves. Love only comes from God and breaks that gap or separation of brain/heart, left/right, that is the physical brain believing that we are not a part of.

Being in love at first is stressful for the brain because it means changing from the paths that go from front to back to a new path that goes side to side. Physicality does not like change because it believes that it cannot. “When we are falling in love, chemicals associated with the reward circuit flood our brain, producing a variety of physical and emotional responses—racing hearts, sweaty palms, flushed cheeks, feelings of passion and anxiety. Levels of the stress hormone cortisol increase during the initial phase of romantic love, marshaling our bodies to cope with the “crisis” at hand.” — Harvard Medical School

The masculine gives to the feminine. The brain controls the heart. The feminine receives from the masculine or the heart receives direction from the brain. God is the masculine energy that gives to the feminine energy, which is humanity. Male and female are ONE and equally give and receive to one another when they are balanced. Being balanced only comes through God because loving God reveals that the self is not selfish but is love. When masculine and feminine energy becomes ONE it is because they only love the other. Our identity is discovered in how we love the other. In truth, we are love.

The Conscious Brain

Our consciousness is controlled by the front of our brain called the hindbrain, which contains our pineal gland or is also referred to as our “third eye”. The pineal gland is most responsible for “producing melatonin, which helps maintain circadian rhythm and regulate reproductive hormones”. — Brain Lab

The more conscious we are about our actions, the more we are aware of the self. The self is a combination of brain and heart working in alliance with one another. Each helps the other maintain stability and balance. The self is contained in an individual body but understands himself because he is aware of how he treats the other. His identity is found in how he reacts to the other. When we love, we maintain alignment within the self and are in good health.

Being out of balance creates dysfunction within ourselves and adds to the dysfunction in our environment. Our imbalances (what is not loving to the other) create dysfunction in the self because of the imbalances we create with others.

The secret to finding the self is all about how we react to our environment. Even if our environment is dysfunctional, how we choose to react to it is how it affects the self.

The Feminine

Naturally, women connect side to side while men connect front to back.

“In studies examining connections within the brain, it has been found that women tend to have stronger connections side to side” — Northwestern Magazine

The Work

It is necessary to do our individual work on the self, otherwise, we are just adding to the chaos of the world. We are here to work for six days and then rest on the seventh. Man was created on the sixth day but is still being created because he does not know who he really is. The sixth day is from the beginning of time until now because there is no time with God. There is only the time it takes for man to understand who he really is. Man is Adam. He is the image of God. Time is work.

But man is you and me. Man is Adam and Eve. Man is a brain and a heart. Man is masculine and feminine energy giving and receiving to one another. Man is humanity. Man is all of us. We all are fragments of the ONE.

So, how do we put Adam back together again?

There is a lot of work to be done. Not on the other (outside) but on the self (inside). Our focus needs to always be aware of who we are instead of why others are doing things we do not agree with or understand. There is a natural desire to try to control our environment (brain) instead of being who we are (heart) and love the other. The masculine is dominant.

We all are here having our own individual journeys to the self that we are trying to find. We will only find the self when we do the work in our individual selves.

It took us a history of time to understand what love is. We had to commit every evil and create lots of rules and boundaries to understand how to love. The choices of our actions affect everyone around us and therefore also ourselves.

The Healing Journey

Healing is not easy. It means we have to fix or undo all the bad things that we have done to ourselves. We need to deprogram old thinking and reprogram ourselves with the understanding of the truth of who we are. This is difficult because the self does not believe change is possible. It believes in the path that is already there even when the brain identifies a path that is destructive. For example, an addiction. To change a path means to trust in God and make a new path that is unfamiliar and going in the opposite direction. Every day has actions that require a choice that is either negative or positive. If our choice does not love because somehow it affects either ourselves or the other negatively then it is not love. If we choose not to be love, then we are out of balance. Being out of balance means there will be a negative consequence.

The more aware we are of the other, by seeing how our actions affect others either positively or negatively, develops an awareness of the self. The more aware we are of the self the more awake we are. The frontal lobe becomes sensitive to a larger part of the self that includes all of humanity and the world.

Science estimates that 95 percent of our brain’s activity is unconscious, meaning that the majority of the decisions we make, the actions we take, our emotions and behaviours, depend on the 95 percent of brain activity that lies beyond conscious awareness. That 95 percent is the program or the paths that we trust and believe because we keep doing them and do not change.

But by being aware of every choice we make, we are consciously making more informed, positive choices to change our old destructive program. Slowly we will transform ourselves to make better choices and wake up from an unconscious, sleep, state to a more awakened, conscious state of the self, which includes a conscious awareness of all of us.

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