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I Will Follow You …

We are no longer children. We have had a history of life experiences that humanity can now reflect upon and learn from. The desert represents all of us who are trying to find ourselves. We do not understand this place that we are in. We are wandering through life trying to find where that Promised Land is. All these Biblical stories are not special for any one specific group because they are stories that God made for all of us to relate to and learn from. We all are having the same human experience all from different perspectives and times throughout history.

We are all ONE

The desert is something we all can relate to as we all are just trying to survive having food, water, and shelter for ourselves and our families. Since Biblical times, evolution has made things easier physically but more difficult spiritually as we have become more disconnected from ourselves and one another. We have learned to make life physically easier for ourselves on one hand but now we see how we have complicated things on the other.

The Journey

Our journey through life is not only privy to our time now in history. We are history. Every single life affects the other from the beginning of time until the end. We each have a part or say in this world in how we live our truth that we have free choice to choose.

We are all on a learning journey and a healing one. We are here to learn who we really are. Evil is here to show us what is good. The more we identify with our truth (we are good), the more we will understand our true purpose and be happier beings.

Humans were created to be good.

It is hard to understand that humans are created to be good because there are so many very bad humans. We are in a time in history where we have and are witnessing evils that go beyond our comprehension.

Evil has to exist until WE ALL understand what is good.

We don’t know why people choose to do evil but the truth is that we are allowed to commit evil. All of us commit evil on some level, whether it is intentional or in ignorance, we have free will, therefore, we are allowed to.

In this time in history, we are not as we were when we were younger; when humanity just began. A child innocently does things not knowing it is bad as he could hurt himself or others. It is necessary for a parent to set healthy boundaries for the child because the child does not know better.

We are no longer children.

We know there are two realms that we exist in. The name of the game is to unite those realms as ONE. We have to exist in both. Although we desire to be good, we live in a world that has the free will to commit evil.

We are physical beings who do not understand what spirituality is. We are so protective and afraid to be without the things we need physically that we have lost touch with who we really are spiritually.

The truth is that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience.

Physicality should not be our first concern and because it is we are never happy. We are choosing to do things out of balance. Our spiritual needs should come first. Then we will have good spiritual health and have all the things we need physically. Humanity is just beginning to realize that our focus has been backwards.

As well, humans hate change but it is necessary to go against the grain and reprogram our old thinking that is not serving us in a positive way.

Because our priorities have been wrong, we are in a state of confusion. The result of our individual minds (our current program) has created a reflection of a world that is not in the reflection of God. We have created a world of chaos and dysfunction and now we have no idea how to get out from here. Every human being is feeling lost, confused and spiritually depleted not understanding who we are and where that Promised Land is.

We are the Creators

We are the image of God.

We create our reality. What we desire is what we will have. If we desire out of fear and for the self only then we will have for the self but never be truly happy because the “other” that we did not consider will affect us in some sort of negative way.

If we desire out of love then we will have everything that we want because the “self” is creating from a place that also desires for the other understanding how our choices affect everyone else, which is a win, win for everybody and brings positivity and balance to the world.

As a collective whole, every small act that is selfish or negative will affect the world in a negative way. All the dysfunction in the world is created from a history of actions that are not in balance with how we were created to be.

We were created to be good, in the image of God.

We need to understand that we are all on that journey to finding the self TOGETHER. We can all identify with each other from wherever we come from and from whatever path, good or bad, rich or poor, religious or non-religious. We are all here walking through life in this barren desert in search of something good together. We are all wanting that land that was promised to ALL OF US. We are all grumbling about being here, and we’ve lost faith in each other and even God.

What we need to do is trust in GOD by learning to trust the good in the other and we will find our place.

“If anyone desires to be first, he shall be last of all and servant of all.” 

Below is a short inspirational message from Rabbi Amichia Cohen from Live Kabbalah to all Jews and non-Jews.

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