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Love is Heaven on Earth

The idea of oneness is a Jewish concept that I didn’t know before. I met someone once on a train in Spain who told me a story about how his parents were up in age and he thought it was funny how they had become one another. He realized that his mother was doing things his father used to do and vise versa. That really stuck with me because I see now that it is true.

When we see an elderly couple who are still in love (although rare), after a lifetime together through all the good and bad; at the end of the day, it is amazing to see they are still in love. It can only be because of God that this beautiful love exists. We see few couples who have achieved this deep love but for those who have, it is easy to see that they have become the other.

Sadly, when one spouse dies, typically the other one usually dies right after. They are each other, so how could only one possibly survive without the other?

We are soulmates with God, with the universe, and with each other. God has a name for us. He calls us Israel. We are here to love, make love, and to have a child.

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