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The Consciousness of Energy

Our soul is light. Light is energy. Energy can be negative or positive.

If we love God we are in His image. God is not evil so we know God is good. God is love.

When we choose God we choose to love one another, which is the highest energy one could share. Our love energy is healing and can heal one another.

We are not meant to be oppressed by darkness and the negative energy of the world. We can rise above it by understanding that we are all a part of the divine. We all have a piece of God within ourselves.

If we trust God, we trust the spark within us that we have to surrender to. When we trust God we can trust that we are love and are made to love one another.

That is when we can know who we truly are and be empowered by love knowing we are not anything but love.

These are challenging times as everyone and every system are testing us. The darkness does not like the light. Stay true to God and the light in you because we can guarantee we will rise above trusting in love.

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4 thoughts on “The Consciousness of Energy”

  1. Some days I find there is too much negativity out there, especially on the internet, which sort of just creates a wave of negative energy. If we used the internet as a source of spreading positivity and good vibes, I feel it would make such a difference. Which is sort of what your post here is doing, thanks for sharing 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much Kayley. I completely agree. I believe it is like the Bible says that we need to seek and find truth. Good, positive information out there seems to be buried deep underneath a alot of junk. I am very inspired that you found my post and that it encouraged you.


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