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Kabbalah Love

We are fighters. We cannot be passive in the fight against the wrongs in the world. Love is not passive and injustice requires action. Do we assume the best solutions just magically happen? Are we supposed to allow oppression because we want to be kind? Do we just sit and pray to hope that God takes it all away?

We Are the Prayer

We are in the image of God, which means we are also the power behind our desires. We have faith in God but do we have faith in God in ourselves. Do we really understand what it means to be His creation?

We Are Action

Our stand is integral. Everyone is watching. How we react to injustice determines if we choose to be light or choose to make a contribution to darkness. We are like the older sibling who sets the example for the younger one.

Judaism teaches that the best love you can give someone is to try to save their life. If a person is drowning, shouldn’t we try and save them? What if we die trying?

Jesus taught that our physical body does not mean a thing and all that matters is love. Our body is just a container that our soul dwells in. Jesus brought a new idea of love that was not accepted during his time. Jesus was teaching quantum physics, which, still, even today, we can hardly grasp!

He became a fighter because religion did not accept his views. Instead, he was considered a rebel. Religion believed that killing him would silence him but it didn’t…

It never will.

That was always the plan.

Look at us today, Jesus is still as controversial as he was 2000 years ago. Unbeknownst to most of us is though Jesus’ physical body is gone, his spirit never left.

Do you think God hides His secrets in an obvious place or in a very unique one that would test the spirit of every man to the very center of his core?

The Jew is always the light. He is the piece that connects both Jew and Gentile as ONE. There can only be one that can do that.

Today, our fight is spiritual.

There have been dreamers, teachers, and prophets but do we understand who we really are?

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