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Soulmates from the Beginning Until the End

From my perspective, I welcome all perspectives. I have my fist deep in that cookie jar. I hear how we are all saying very similar things but just slightly different. 

I also realize that in this day, it isn’t about what we know because now we know. We know darkness, so it is now time to know the light. We are spiritual beings having a physical experience. The keyword is experience. We fail to appreciate our experience. We are human! We are here to experience God’s love.

It no longer is about how much we know!

Now it is all about how much we love!!

The Bible is a divine, historical document that defines our love. All words are our words that eventually reveal our truth. We all have our own unique pathway to learning our individual identity that expresses the light of God in each person. We each express Him uniquely in our own creative way.

History is always first!

History is our root that keeps us grounded and reveals how we got here to know who we are to each other.

Our mistakes that created the darkness reveals that darkness is NOT God. We then are woken up to the revelation that God is ONLY light and light is ONLY love!!

This day is here for us to experience His love. We all have the free will to choose whether or not we want to be in love.

God is about priorities.

There comes a day when the Bible is written on our hearts:

But this is the covenant that I will make with the house of Israel after those days, says the Lord: I will put My law in their minds, and write it on their hearts; and I will be their God, and they shall be My people.

Jeremiah 31:33

ONE Brain, ONE Heart, ONE Adam

We don’t realize that we are the same. The truth is that we are all individuals but all of us were created by the same God. Collectively we are all His image. We all are capable of doing either good or bad. We isolate ourselves in our own identities, which keeps us from talking with one another or even feeling that it is important.

Though we are different;

I cannot explain to you the way I see things and have you see things that way too. I am grateful that you are willing to open your heart to at least hear mine. What you are doing is love. You love me. And that is what I live for. I live to be love and love being loved. That is what we all do. That is who we are. 

At the end of the day, we can only be who we are. 

No one can ever change the way God designed us so differently and yet the same.

I want to EXPERIENCE God’s love.

God gives us everything we desire. My soul cries to be loved. My soul calls to your soul that desires the same. We don’t even realize that we are calling out to each other.

God must feel lonely too. 

But all this is temporary and part of the amazing depth of love that God wishes to reveal to us. We are heading in a direction where all that matters is our love. Love is our wheel that keeps us in a motion of forever growing into each other, into more and more love.

We Make Love

We are love making love to one another. That is when the perfect child will be born.  

We create our reality. We are an image of God but God is in us!

I see Him in you. Do you see Him in me?


Oy vey!

But I am bored. Nothing at all matters except that we understand God’s love.

That is where I am with it all. I sure do love our connection.

I am happy, I am content, I am here looking for any love connections that will connect us to the next…

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