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Conception: Manifesting the Energy of the Messiah

The Sages teach that in the messianic future, darkness – i.e., evil, the selfish will to receive pleasure – will be unmasked and revealed to be such, may we see this with our own eyes! Id. On that day, we are taught, the moon (The Partzuf of Nukva D’Ze’ir Anpin, the Shekhinah, the corporate soul of klal Israel) will be restored to her former glory and will be fully as bright and as large as the Sun (the Partzuf Ze’ir Anpin, her Divine husband), Id., for we were married to Hashem [God] at Har Sinai, so that Hashem has written within His tefillin [prayer], “Who is like My people, Israel, One in all the earth?” And it is also written, “Hashem, the Torah [Bible], and Israel are One.” On that day, we are taught, Hashem will be One and His Name will be One!

Yael Chaya Miriam Gray 

We are about to birth a new collective reality and our love will see us through it!


What happens when where we began meets where we have ended?
There is only love.
It is great to know that there is only love.
But what is love if I only know of love? 
What is one if one is the only one?
One can only experience one when you have two.
And that makes Messiah come true. 

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