Poetry, Spirituality, Video Story

The Big Bang

We are Pregnant

Inside of ourselves is the divine truth that I see in you and you see in me. God is truth found in Messiah. Messiah who is in us. He is the truth that we see in one another, uniting our hearts together with God, bringing clarity, peace, and healing to the world.

The Wheel of Time

Who we are,
Is who we are in relation to one another.
Our energy is pulling ourselves
Into each other.
Until we reach the other side.
We are going inside out.
Which is against our energy.
Positive becoming negative,
Negative becoming positive.
Light becoming darkness,
Darkness becoming light.
Spiritual becoming physical,
Physical becoming spiritual.
The man is positive,
The woman is negative.
He is light,
She is darkness.
He is spiritual,
She is physical.
The man is the woman,
The woman is the man.
Heaven becoming Earth,
Earth becoming Heaven.
God always is,
The man always was,
And the woman will always be.

There is only the finest wine, always drunk, from each other’s cup.

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