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I Could be Queen of all I See…

If you’re standing next to me.

Everything is all in one, one and the same… eventually. 

I was originally going to call my book I Am One because that is how I feel. I am one with God. However, I realized that I am actually not one because only God is one. Only God is complete oneness, I am one in His oneness, but I am not one. 

That is when I realized how I got here, and that began my journey to we are one. We all have this exact same journey but we all get here by taking a completely different path. All paths that seek Him lead to Him. 

The Journey

We all start off very ego. A child only wants and it is all about him. We all start out in darkness. From the minute our eyes open we see this bright light and are trying to understand what it is. Then we scream our head off and from then on in, it is all about ourselves… until we grow up or wake up out of our physicality and realize that we are actually spiritual and it isn’t just all about ourselves.

See, man is duality. God is only one, but together we are one.

We are all trying to define the paths within ourselves that lead to Him. Congrats to us who have found a way!

I see it is important to have religion too but God is more than even religion. God is all the paths that got us here. Our history shows how much we have grown and science gives us proof of what we are believing in. All these paths are now in a place where they are finally making sense!

The Science

The Jews are like science to me. They are not like us non-Jews who believe in our oneness, simply. 

When things make sense then we can all be healed. I want the world to be healed as I feel like I cannot be until we all are.

That is the reason why I am so passionate about the Jews. I don’t believe we can be healed until they are healed too.

The Equation

We are the math and all of us are a big equation. We don’t realize that we are the numbers. I want to see out of my vessel! Our bodies keep us from understanding ourselves as a whole and from connecting to the purity of an absolute that is called divine love. 

Words only have meaning when they come from our heart. That is when our words are not even ours any more because they come from Him and each one of us. Our words are the combination we need to get right to set our bodies free. Our bodies limit us from the ability of knowing we really are.

What is truth is knowing that we are one and we can do anything and have anything that we want. 

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