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Eshet Chayil: The Woman of Valor

Who is Eve?

The Babylon system! I hear the Jews talking a lot about that right now, stating that soon we will all be speaking the same language, which I concur — it’s the language of love.

I believe there are many ways we learn but ultimately everything is all one and the same.

I see everything that is in opposition is actually a compliment that reveals God and our oneness. We need a mirror image or reflection to understand the other to the depth of intimacy of who God is.

The one tree of serenity, to me, would be us finding balance within all the opposition. If we see the compliment, we see the beauty of God and our oneness with Him.

Speaking of Eve, so, I feel that I know what happened in the garden. It is actually beautiful. They were like a boy and a girl. Their love was child-like and pure. It is was so innocent. Have you ever watched “The Blue Lagoon”? Brook Shields?

To me, this movie portrayed the garden well. They just fell in love. We were told, “Do not eat of the tree of good and evil” (that is EVE) it is her fruit. Because then we would know evil.

But we had to know evil to know good. That is what man is learning to do. When we know evil we will know love. So it is at the end of that day (the sixth day) that man is still being created because we do not know that who we REALLY are is love.

We are not evil.

The first baby that was born was sin but now we will birth a new Adam into the world through our love!!!

When I wrote Just a Girl, I wrote it as Shannie. Who is Shannie?

Well, Shannie loves God and because I am in love, we are in a courtship with one another… I am just a girl who has a lot of growing up to do.

I also love the Jews who are my other relationship and we have known one another since the beginning of time but we have not really understood one another.

And then there is the man…

I wrote Just a Girl as being in all of those relationships. We are God’s Bride. Although in the Bible, God tells us that we are His, it gets more intimate than just as a Father figure… We are here on a journey to know who we really are.

We really are in an intimate love relationship with God and God wants us to experience Him on Earth. 

So, I see there are synchronicities between these relationships that we cannot explain simply.

All this darkness between Jews and Gentiles was done so that we could know who we really are and be strong in ourselves.

We have a lot of fear that God wants us to see the other side of — His love. We all know the paths that got us to this place, now we need to listen to our heart.

When we are awake we will heal and then the rest of the world will heal too.

It just has to be that way…

I’m just a girl,
Who falls in love with a boy.
We have a relationship,
From childhood.
We are like a brother and a sister.
He is my big brother.
Sometimes he plays rough with me,
But we have fun together,
Despite our differences.
We are older now,
And he is annoying me.
He thinks he knows everything,
But eventually I realize that I love him.
And it goes deeper than that,
I want to marry him,
I want to be with him forever.

Shannie Alvarez — A Gentile with a Jewish Heart
#18 on Feedspot 2021’s Top 100 Faith Blogs
#24 on 2021’s Top 70 Jewish Blogs

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