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Perfectly Imperfect Book of Records Holder

I am very excited to tell you a bit about a child prodigy. She is gifted and has already done many amazing things. She’s in Asia’s Book of Records, India’s Book of Records, an author of three books, a researcher, Founder of The Creative Zine and Pastlores.

She is only 17 years old.

Faith in God

Harsimran was raised in a Sikh household. According to Harsimran, Sikhism mainly believes in the attributes of service and generosity. Although Harsimran admits she is not very religious, as someone coming of age, her curiosity about faith and different religions are peaking her interest. Harsimran says, “Such topics not only embark on my perspectives but also how I perceive the world.” Harsimran believes the values of Sikhism resonate with most religions of the world. She believes that religion is meant to unite us all together as one.

Harsimran explains she has always been visiting Gurdwaras but in the Hindu Temples. Although she is not Hindu, she is welcomed to practice Sikhism there.

A Gurdwara means “door to the guru.” Gurdwaras are a an integral part of the Sikh life. It is the home of the Guru Granth Sahib, the central holy religious scripture and the highest spiritual authority in Sikhism.

People from all faiths and backgrounds are welcomed in Gurdwaras.

I am captured by the gentle kindness of Harsimran. Her parents raised her in an environment where she could respect and appreciate other religions. Harsimran explains she also visited the places of worship for Muslims and Christians, as well. Not only does her and her family celebrate Gurupurab, a celebration of a Guru’s birth but also Diwali, which is one of the major festivals celebrated by Hindus, in addition to, the Jains and some Buddhists.

I really hadn’t understood much about the Sikh religion until meeting Harsimran. As I was getting to know more about her, I was seeing her openness and desire to learn more about God’s oneness. I met Harsimran through Linkedin. She invited me to be part of her book club, Pastlores. I admired her strong will of wanting me to be part of it.

Harsimran and her family also recognize Christmas, a Christian celebration of Jesus birth, and Eid, a religious Muslim holiday that marks the end of the month-long dawn-to-sunset fasting of Ramadan.

Record for The Best I Can Do Is To Write My Heart Out

A Day in the Life

The lockdown last year prevented Harsimran from going outside. At that time she found herself reading Siddhartha, by Herman Hesse, which she explained changed her perspectives on things and how she perceives the world.

This is Harsimran’s reflection after reading it:

“I think that’s how I was able to connect more with what I believed in and what faith meant. It has made me self-aware about certain things that I previously had no idea about and has upscaled my levels of thinking. It has also made me realize the pivotal role literature has been playing since time immemorial. It has also made my affinity with literature and reading grow last year, where I was able to read more books than ever before. I think times like this ongoing pandemic are reminders to keep reflecting and have made us realize the worst. But believing in God and spirituality can increase our willpower and give us positive energy in turn. Although I’m not sure if my belief in spirituality rather than religion will be a long-standing statement, but I do believe that experiences come with a lot of exposure that I’m yet to receive.”

Harsimran says she is always open to new possibilities and learning.

Find more information on Harsimran’s book club here: Pastlores

If you are interested in submitting your writing for FREE on her online repository visit: The Creative Zine. Any genre is accepted. The Creative Zine is not looking for a specific types of submissions, however, works related to displaying human rights will be given a significant attention. Further details as to how to submit is here.

Listen to Harsimran talk with Arnay Agrawl, which is not only adorably cute but also very informative and inspiring. Harismran explains what her books are about, shares her advise for success, and more about all the great things that she is doing.

Harsimran Kaur

Author of The Best I Can Do Is to Write My Heart Out, I am Perfectly Imperfect, Clementines on My Poetry Table. Her work has also appeared in two poetry anthologies: Moment In Love Vol 2. and Heavy Lies the Crown. She is in India Book of Records and Asia Book of Records for her first publication at fourteen.

Founder of Pastlores and The Creative Zine.

Lives in Jalandhar, India. 


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