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You Don’t Know Me From Adam

Awareness is learning that our human experience is actually a spiritual one. We fail to see out of our physicality to understand that we are connected to a higher source of energy that is pure love. We are all a part of consciousness that unites all of us but we have been asleep. Freedom is found when we are no longer trapped by the self because we are consciously aware of it.

Free Choice

All of us are inherently good as goodness created all of us. In our blindness we have the illusion that we are separate from one another, therefore, are programmed by our environment to focus on our individual betterment.

However, truth is understanding the worldly program is not who we really are as we realize it is only self-serving. The program of our current reality cannot provide us with what we truly need to be satisfied. Our energy to it is only wasted. We do not see that we are being programmed instead of understanding that our intelligence is greater than the program.

We are the ones who are ultimately in control of the program but we are not aware that we are. What we do to each other ultimately affects the self, whether our actions are either positive or negative. However we react to one another is a reflection of our core beliefs and perceptions that create the reality we are currently in. We are the creators of our reality because of our free choice. Fear has dominated our human experience since the beginning of time. Fear continues to dominate our minds until we desire to recognize that we do not have anything to fear.

Fear is not who we really are.

If we are making decisions based on our fears then our reality will reflect our fears. Our current state of reality is not in the reflection of God who is love, but actually a reflection of our ego whose only concern is for the advancement of self, therefore is always in fear, which is not our true reality, so is never satisfied.

It is easier to believe in our current reality of chaos and destruction because trusting to love seems to be out of our control.

Surrendering to God

Flipping our switch.

We all are interconnected to truth who created us. We deny truth because of the fear of the unknown. Change also presents a problem for the physicality of the human. Changing our beliefs and perceptions is difficult as we trust the perception of our current, false, chaotic reality more. We trust to act out of fear more than believing in love, which is our truth.

Treating others with love and respect develops positive energy which impacts the self and others more profoundly. Our value system requires a change to have an awareness of how our actions affect others. This goes against the grain of our physicality that we must push against to welcome a whole new paradigm of different thinking that we are not accustomed to. We have to consciously desire to think differently.

Change takes Practice

Without a desire to want a better way of life, people inherently will not want to change their view of life and will accept its current state as is. It is easier to go with the flow of what has been acceptably trusted by majority. When we hear of a new way of understanding things it threatens our current understanding to make change. Change can be overwhelming and instill more fear. It may seem too difficult and therefore better to keep things the same even if the same is not serving itself in a positive manner. A contribution to making a positive change may also feel too insignificant, therefore, easier to dismiss the whole idea of how any positivity may impact our individual selves or the greater whole.

We fear being excluded because we want to be accepted. Going against majority can feel isolating and rejecting. If people do not have support of others they may not have the confidence to even believe in themselves contrary to what is acceptable by majority. Instead, we deny the truth of love and continue to believe in fear as we are more comfortable to not challenge our individuality or the program that keeps us isolated in our individuality.

If we operate consciously from our centre of source which only knows love, we will always choose truth. Truth is outside the self because it recognizes the whole, which includes all peoples, all systems, and all beliefs. At the heart of all things is truth when it is not isolated from the self. Truth is found understanding that all things are unified by a state of consciousness that desires for all to know love. Anything that keeps us from understanding the other is darkness and needs to be challenged to discover the truth.

If we do not have support from our families, peers, and our leaders whom we have trusted, we may start to question ourselves and the importance or validity of our own desires that is contradictory to the fear-based program we live in.

Freedom is not being held captive by the self because it does not delineate from believing in love. The self that always loves is always choosing the truth of who we really are. We have to overcome our own fears and the fears of others by replacing fear with love. If we consciously love we will no longer be held captive by the self or be oppressed by the larger systems that operate from fear that we are trusting but are keeping us in fear, programmed, and ignorant from knowing who we truly are.

The reality of a better reality is real.

It is natural to be attached to our physical current reality. Physicality is the lowest frequency. It is in complete opposition with its counterpart, spirituality. It is impossible to trust in a higher field of consciousness if we are not open to understanding there is one. Our physicality does not believe there is anything more outside of our physicality and only trusts the program we are in even when we know it is self-sabotaging.

We also have to accept that we have no control to change the program externally. The only way to not be oppressed by our dysfunctional environment anymore is by reprograming ourselves internally. We stop being controlled and are free from the program by only making choices from love and not fear. The program can only change when we as individuals are healed.

Our Spiritual DNA

Our individual experiences are the essence of who we are as individuals. No two journeys are alike, therefore we all have our own unique perspectives to which we can learn from as a whole. We all have free choice. We each make different choices. Our choices stem from our perceptions from our individual environments. What we trust can be either good or bad from what we perceived from our childhoods and from all of the people in our paths who we’ve had connections to throughout our lives. Our journey designed our program of how we choose to make our choices. How we’ve learned to react to life is based on what we were taught through our unique circumstances. Our choices challenge us as individuals and on a greater whole. Challenges are there to teach us who we truly are by showing us how to make better choices.

For Reflection:

Think of anything unusual that happened through the day and meditate on why it happened, how it happened, what it meant, and what else might it be connected to. Be aware of every little interaction you make through your day, your choices, and reflect on them. This is how we become aware of the self. We have to develop awareness. We have to be conscious of our actions. When we have an awareness we can then ponder the reasons behind every situation and how we reacted to them to understand who we really are.

Did you act out of fear or did you act out of love?

Lowest level of the self is it’s attachment to material, then sub-consciousness, then the field of consciousness (awareness of the self and the other self)

Reviewing every interaction that resulted in choice is how we begin to understand the self. Understanding our own fears and doubts that contribute to our reactions to the choices we make can open ourselves up to a much wider expanse of our inner mind which is connected to our higher consciousness that is aware of itself as part of a greater whole.

A New Day

Start the beginning of your day by asking yourself what your higher purpose is for this day. What do you desire for your brand new day? Making that connection within ourselves is also connecting to the source of connection that unifies all of us. Within each of us is a spiritual source of oneness which is wise, nurturing, loving, and desires for all of us to have the very best of things to succeed. Connecting to this source within ourselves is what can help us identify to who we truly are.

Prayer, Meditation, Reflection

Each of us are unique and beautiful and all have our own way of connecting to source. Listening to music can also open ourselves up to the higher realm of who we are. We are all connected to this source of beauty but are not aware because we are distracted by the program, which keeps us too busy, stressed, and in fear.

To understand the self we have to want to make time to listen and hear.

There are lots of ways to have awareness of the self. Making things complicated is also a distraction. Finding the self can be very practical by just asking ourselves questions. All we need is a desire and openness to understanding. If we seek we 100% will find it. Open your mind and allow yourself to be receptive to transformation.

Welcoming the Spirit of God

Consciously breathe as one.

If we want to explore the possibilities of who we are in the reflection of God we must also be open to new understanding. Sowing seeds of forgiveness and compassion will destroy thick walls that are barriers to having clarity, so they must come down. In order to have the clearest frequency to the self one must also be in constant awareness of any clutter that will need to be cleaned up, otherwise it keeps us in darkness from knowing our truth.

We must make a commitment to desiring change and learn to embrace every moment in life for all its experiences. We need to heal. Healing takes time. Forgive yourself.

We can only do our best for the day with the resources and the understanding that we have in that moment. We each have a hand in how we can we make each day more purposeful and meaningful. Our priorities should always be with a vision to have a better way of life for ourselves and each other.

When we desire love, we desire love for all. When the self is healed then all others can be healed too.

Change does not happen over night. Become aware of any positive changes, no matter how small they are. We can recognize who we are in a more positive light and celebrate each positive change. Being focused on anything negative is energy that is depleting. We have to fight our current perceptions that are fear based and desire to only love to change things.

We can change our reality.

Celebrate even the smallest good things that we are seeing so that we do not take God or each other for granted.

Celebrate life by enjoying living. Notice goodness in ourselves and each other.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience.

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